Friday 15 July 2022

Teacher Gift Ideas to say Thank You!

 **Collaborative Post - Samples Received**

AD: The end of the school year always seems to zoom around so quickly! It only seems like a few months ago I was preparing to wave my two off for their brand new adventures in secondary and junior school and now a whole year has gone by in a blink! Whilst there have still been a few minor disruptions and changes it has felt so good seeing the kids back in school with their friends doing the things they love, the school trips, sports days and plays etc. 

But if there is one thing lockdown taught so many of us parents, it is just how hard our children's teachers work. When our kids returned to school I think we all returned them with a renewed sense of gratitude for the teachers who teach them every day, because lets face it, home learning was tough! With that in mind, many parents will be looking at purchasing a gift for their child's teacher to say thank you as they move on into their new year groups and classes. 

So I have put together this handy guide full of ideas for all different budgets, from individual gifts to class gift ideas which can hopefully help you find the perfect gift idea. 

Gift Cards 

Purchasing for teachers can be tricky if you aren't sure hat they like, their style or interests etc. Which is why gift cards make sure great gifts, we usually go for a smaller value gift card for the TA's for something such as costa so they can pick up a warm coffee and cake either in the holidays or on their way to work in the new term. Or perhaps a boots voucher, local spa/beautician/hairdressers voucher or if you can't deicide a one4all gift card covers all basis and allows the recipient to choose what they feel is best. 


Teachers get through a lot of stationary in the school year, but having a few nice pieces to keep for best or to proudly use on their desk for the year is a great gift idea. Ryman have a lovely range of personalised notebooks in all sizes from A4 down as well as pens, pencils and every other stationary need a teacher or TA might need. If you decide on stationary you could always pick a personalised item and then make a stationary hamper or gift bag around that. 

Personalised Travel Mug 

Teachers are always on the go, even when the kids might not be in the classroom they are still working hard planning the next lesson, marking homework, dashing between places. So what better way for them to stay topped up with their favourite cuppa on the go than a personalised travel mug. This example from Ryman is just one of many Teacher style designs that are all able to be personalised with a teachers name or message. 


After a long hard school year I think all school teachers appreciate some rest, recuperation and a bit of a pamper. Skincare gift sets or pamper items such as hand care, hair care or just a general pamper kit. It may be something a teacher wouldn't usually treat themselves too, but it will definitely give them the perfect excuse to take some time out for themselves. I really like these sets from Gift sets from Arran including this Hand Care gift set -  Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Hand Care Gift Set. With warm, sweet and delicate aromas, this velvety fragrance combines the warmth of ripe, honeyed fig with the freshness of crushed green leaves.

Experience Voucher 

If your stuck on what to get and don't want to purchase something you aren't sure they will love, why not consider an experience voucher. Buy a Gift have thousands of experiences to choose from including relaxing spa days, short breaks and even experience gift boxes such a this "Thank You" box, that are all perfect for hard working teachers, which contain a choice of over 2000 experiences. Plus the great thing about these vouchers is even if you choose something the recipient isn't keen on, they can swap or exchange it for another experience. 

 Classroom Equipment

Another option for leaving gifts if a gift for the classroom or even the school rather than the teacher themselves. This works especially well if you are doing a group or class collection and it is a lovely keepsake for the kids to leave the next class coming up into their previous classroom. Brands such as learning resources have some amazing teaching resources including practical items such as desk tidies, stationary and even class size learning products such as wipe boards, clocks and games too. 

I particularly love these items as they are all products I can see any class using and I think any teacher would be appreciative of learning resources they can use. It is a gift that is both practical and thoughtful. 

Hopefully these ideas have helped you come up with the perfect thank you teacher gift, do you do gifts for class teachers and teaching assistants? Or are you a teacher that ha received a lovely gift? Let me know in the comments what sort of gifts you might be sending in, or if you are a teacher let me know what lovely gifts you've received in the past. 


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