Friday 22 July 2022

Why Creating a Birth Plan is a Good Idea

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Once the excitement has settled and everything really sinks in, no doubt you will have lots of things to think about such as scans, midwives, classes, who to tell, baby showers the list goes on and on. In amongst all of this, it would be good to take time to make a proper birth plan. This can be as detailed as you think it needs to be but it can turn out to be 100% worth it.

Don’t think so yourself? Here are a few reasons why a birth plan is a good idea.

Keeping People Informed

Your doctor, birth partner and midwife will all know you pretty well but there will be so much going on on the big day it is an excellent idea to have a plan of action to refer to. Including the simple thing like who your doctor is, who your midwife is, your birth partner's name, who you want in the room etc can be enough just to keep things in check and ensure everyone has the same information regarding the above.

You can also go into much greater detail and include things like pain relief you would like, allergies and medications you take, if you are donating placenta or privately storing your cord blood and tissue, and anything else that you feel is important to take note of.

On the day you go into labour you don’t want to have to focus on extra details. Have it all in one place so that anyone in the room can easily access the info you need them to know. This is your space to detail how you would like things to go in the best scenario and it helps those around you know so they can try to help it happen.

Something to Control

This is your document to have complete control over. You can discuss it with your midwife and birth partner of course but this is what you want on your big day.

You will be busy running around seeing people, going to the hospital for checks, taking classes perhaps or reading all the literature you can. Why not have something that you can settle down and plan just for you.

Give yourself peace of mind by updating your plan with your preferences and alternative plans if you think you need them. You can even use this plan to tell your team exactly how you want to be treated after baby is born.

This can be something you go back and forth on as much as you like too – it doesn’t have to be perfect first try. This isn’t a party or event, take your time to lay out your plan just how you see fit.

It is Easier than You Think

Even with all the control, this document will give you, you may still feel overwhelmed with the idea. Fear not though, for one quick google will reveal a plethora of pre-built and customisable birth plan documents for you to choose from.

If you feel like creating one from scratch, go for it! But if you just get to be too busy grab yourself a template and fill in what you need.

Your Choice

When it comes to your pregnancy journey, you should be in control. Outside of medical advice which you absolutely should take, everything else is something for you to choose. Having a birth plan can be the best way to ensure that the day you give birth goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Of course it is always worth remembering that birth is ultimately unpredictable and whilst it is good to have a birth plan and your wishes written down and shared, the end goal for everyone is a happy baby. So don't be disappointed if somethings have to change or don't happen, a happy, healthy baby and mum is the end goal for everyone so be prepared that some changes may have to happen.


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