Monday 12 September 2022

Guide to Getting the Right Roofing Contractor for Beginners

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Houses often need repairs. Sometimes they can be small things you can tackle yourself, but other times it can be a big job where only a professional will do. One of these repairs is the roof, a vital part in keeping your home safe, warm and dry. If it’s your first time doing your roofing or needing roofing repairs, then you might feel a little overwhelmed and feel like you have no idea what to look out for when choosing a roofing contractor. You might be wondering whether it’s the same as choosing a civil engineer for your house, or whether you can simply choose any professional who advertises their roofing services online. Whichever the case, the anxiety is the same for everyone from the seasoned builder to beginners since the risks are also the same. 

Nobody wants to end up with a rouge contractor masquerading as a professional and so, this guide offers a shortened list of points to consider when choosing a roofing contractor.

How to Navigate Through an Online Search

Searching online for your preferred roofing company can be stressful. There are a lot of confusing adverts from companies each offering the same things. A good roofing contractor near you is one who is not only available online but has an office where you can simply walk into and ask questions regarding your roofing project. A reliable roofing installer will be one who has worked in your area and understands the building codes and licensing requirements.

Get the Right References

A good roofing contractor will likely have built a good rapport with the community, and this will serve as their referral and reference. The same goes for a roofing company near me since they have had some time to build such relationships through marketing and offering discounts to people in the community. One red flag to look out for is having a local company which hasn’t done a lot of local jobs as this show that they don’t have great referrals within the community.

Weigh Between Different Offers

Different roofing installers near you will send in their quotes, and these quotes will have variances in pricing, timing and even quality. The end decision is yours and you don’t want to choose someone who is cheaper and end up with a badly done roof. You also don’t want to develop a personal bond with a roofing contractor near you to a point that it blinds you from other great offers in the vicinity. Overall, you simply need something that works for you as a priority and not a favour to a neighbourhood friend who happens to know about roofing.

Independent Contractors versus Companies

Over time, as you do your research you will notice that roofing installers near you fall into two categories: independent contractors and roofing company installers. Both are equally competent, but most people prefer independent contractors since they are mostly self-employed and are likely to dedicate more time and passion into your roofing as compared to an employee who simply has quotas to fill.

Independent contractors also dedicate their craft to a particular style or skill set whether its repairs, a home renovation or a complete overhaul and will tend to shy away from larger jobs because these would require them to have more capital in place for materials and overheads. Eventually the choice between the two is entirely up to the client based on the client’s needs and preferences

Hopefully these tips can help you choose the perfect person for the job and end up with a smooth process to a new roof. If you have any recommendations, questions or tips I would love to hear them in the comments below. 


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