Monday 19 September 2022

Photowall Canvas Prints **REVIEW**

 **Advertisement Feature**

There are lots of ways you can add colour and personality to any room in your home but one of my favourite ways is probably through the use of wall art such as canvases and framed pictures. I love how quickly and easily they can be applied with no major work needed (unlike redecorating etc) and at a fraction of the cost of redecorating too. Not only that but using canvas art and pictures to add colour and personality to your home means that you can easily change and swap the artwork as and when you please, perfect for those who get bored easily or like to change things up now and then. 

(Photo Credit - Viccy H

So, when I was recently contacted by the team over at Photowall asking if I would like to sample some of their pieces the timing couldn't have been better as we had just started thinking about a big bedroom redesign for both the kids now that they are both a little older. 

If you haven't heard of them before Photowall are an established wall art company based in Sweden who strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible whilst still offering 1000s of high-quality wall art from their own stock images, designers and even your own images. They offer a range of different wall art styles including canvasposterswall muralsfeatured wallpaper and framed prints, all in a wide range of sizes to suit every need and space. Their website features designs of all types from kids cartoon style images to city skylines and completely abstract designs. 

When looking for the perfect design Photowall makes it super easy with a simple to use search bar at the top so you can type in exactly what you are looking for if you have an idea (this could be colour or subject etc). Otherwise, their designs are split into easy to browse collections such as those below for canvas prints. With so many beautiful designs to choose from, utilising the search functions and collections certainly made finding our perfect canvas prints easier.

We chose three beautiful canvas designs, two space themed which will go perfectly in James new bedroom and a simply outline hand design which we gifted to a friend for her new bedroom. Ordering the artwork was really simply to do and once you choose your design and size you can then view how your canvas will look. The range of sizes is great too ranging from 30cm x 20cm all the way up to 100cm x 70cm! I really liked the preview feature though as it meant I could ensure the design looked exactly as we had hoped before it arrived. 

When the canvases arrived, we were so happy with them and couldn't believe how clear and bright the images were despite being fairly large in size (we opted for 70cm x 50cm)! The canvas itself felt strong and sturdy, unsurprisingly really when you consider that their canvas prints are of the highest quality using a durable canvas that is mounted to a 2cm thick stretcher frame made of FSC-certified wood. The high quality means these canvas prints will not fade in sunlight or damage easily and will last for years to come. To keep them extra safe all of our prints were well packaged on arrival so no damage at all in transit which was a big relief. 

(Photo Credit - Viccy H

We absolutely love our prints and will definitely be returning to Photowall the next time we need to add colour, personality of a bit of fun to a room. I would love to try their feature wallpaper next, maybe a big feature wall in our living room! 

If you would like to add a little colour to your own home or perhaps turn some of your precious photos into posters, prints or canvas art then head over to the Photowall website and use code "tantrumstosmiles20" to get 20% off between 19th September and 19th October 2022.


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