Tuesday 20 September 2022

Storage Ideas to Help Organise Your Entire Home

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It can often feel like the demands of daily life are overwhelming, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle, it can feel like you never get a moment to rest. There is always something to attend to, family, business, work, or school. Not to mention that people are now being forced to take up more jobs to keep up with the ever-rising cost of living. As a result, there is becoming less and less time to care for our homes. 

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Home offers a safe refuge from the many of life's demands and stressors, but a disorganized home will do you more harm than good. A home should be somewhere we can come home to relax, but cluttered spaces cause stress, take longer to clean (wasting more time), and according to Chinese discipline, gives you negative energy. Studies have shown that organizing your home increases your productivity and gives you a better sense of control over things, among other benefits. Not to mention an organised home can be so much easier to keep on top of when it comes to those daily tasks.

Below are some great storage ideas below will help you organize your space, simplify life and hopefully lead to considerably reduce the daily stress you experience. 


When you get home from life's bustles and hassles, cleaning the house is the last thing on your mind. All you want is to offload any baggage, toss the key on the counter, remove your shoes and find your relaxing spot. If this becomes a routine, in no time, the mess will build up into a cluttered space. Households with children understand how fast room things can get out of place, even with consistent cleaning and organizing. 

A good place to start in having your space organized is dealing with any decluttering that needs doing. Go through every item and eliminate anything you no longer need or have not used for a while, don't be afraid to be strict on this, if you haven't used it for many months, the chances are you won't be using it at all. Also, consider disposing of duplicates of items that serve the same purpose, these just take up space.

You can get the kids involved with this too, ask them to sort through their belongings, books, toys, etc they could have a bag for giving away and a bag for throwing away. There is no point in them keeping things they will never use, it's only more for you to tidy, clean and put away!


Food lovers may end up owning lots of cooking utensils and implements. There is nothing wrong with that; all you need is to ensure that you have enough space for what you own. Another thing that makes your kitchen look cluttered is small appliances that lie on the counter. 

Keeping your kitchen neat between pans, pots, cutlery, food, and dishes may seem impossible, especially if you have a small space. Instead of letting things clutter your kitchen and overwhelm you, consider getting shaker cabinets to accommodate more items. These closets feature a flat centre panel and square edges with minimal details and profiling.  

Think of freeing up your counter space with shaker cabinets and drawers by going vertical. Add over the door hooks for cabinets, wall hooks, and under-counter trays. Also think smart in using up every available space, hooks inside cabinet doors can hold things like sieves and pans, spice racks on rails can slide in and out of small unused spaces etc.

Living Room

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One of the messiest spaces in your home is the living room, the first place you interact from outside, the space where everyone comes together but also the space that most people will see if they visit your home. People easily set stuff down on the nearest chair or table and forget about it. If you have children, toys are bound to clutter your sitting area for most of the day too which can be frustrating when you want some time without being surrounded my children and their toys.

Consider having a coffee table with storage space to help with clutter. This can store things like remotes and keys and keep them out of sight. Designate large cabinets and drawers for books, electronics, and other things in the entertainment area. Trunks or baskets will add a decorative touch and help collect blankets and toys. You can also purchase footstools and pouffe's that lift up to reveal storage inside them, these are great for dual use and will instantly provide a large area for storage, hidden in plain sight.


It is easy to see how a bedroom can become cluttered with piles of clothes, shoes, blankets, and laundry, especially as it often gets forgotten about as only you really see it. To bring a bit of order to your bedroom, start with the bed and consider using the space under it to stash items you do not use often. This is such a large unused space that many forget about, and it can be vital to use especially if you have a small bedroom or box room!

Also, create designated storage for every item, like books, jewellery, and tissues, this will make finding things much easier, and you will create less mess in doing so. Consider also small tasks such as making your bed daily, it makes a big difference as it helps make your room feel put together and more organized. Add some storage for cleaning items and extra towels in every bathroom, especially if you have an ensuite to your bedroom.


Once you have a space for everything, train everyone to keep things in the right place and clean up after themselves.  

Introducing storage and home to everything in your house makes your space neat, helps you easily find your belongings, and makes your routine less hectic.


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