Monday 26 September 2022

6 Easy Switches You Could Make To Save Money

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I don't know about you, but I am always looking at ways I could be saving money in and around the home. Bills and expenses always seem to creep up leaving less and less money to spend on the little things we love. So, from time to time, I like to make little switches or do some amendments to our outgoings to ensure we aren't paying out too much and that we are saving money wherever we can. 

Now more than ever with lots of people losing their jobs or being placed or furlough pay from work due to the recent pandemic, everyone is finding it more important than ever to watch where their money is going and finding new ways to save. So, I thought I would share some of our top switches that you would be making to ensure you aren't spending too much and to help you save where you can.

No spend days

If being in lockdown and not being able to go out has taught me anything, it's that you don't actually need to spend lots of money to have a nice time! Having no spend days are a great way to save money or claw back spending and you could even put the money you do save into a savings jar or account (you might be surprised at how quickly it adds up). Instead plan meals from things you already have at home (my kids love "picnic tea" which is just a mish mash of everything we have), go on family walks, find local beauty spots or take a trip to the park. You can be as creative or adventurous as you want and all you will need is some lunch and drinks and you could enjoy a fully no spend family day out. 

Remember no spending days are about saving money overall not just on that day and then splurging more money on another day. You may find that once you start discovering all the fun totally free things you can find you may spend less and less on days out.

LED lighting 

Every day in our homes we switch lights on and off, but have you ever really thought about the cost of the lights in your home? Using LED bulbs throughout your home could actually save you money and whilst they may be a little more expensive to purchase initially, they last longer and cost less. Other benefits of using LED lighting is that it offers a more energy efficient lighting choice with zero emissions and is a much more ecologically friendly choice too. Two companies who have come together to encourage the use of LED lighting is Litho and INUI, they are dedicated to LED lighting as a cheaper and greener alternative to lighting. So next time you switch on in your home, ask yourself if you could be saving yourself some money. 

Water Softener

Even though it might not apply to all households, many who live in locations with hard water are familiar with the suffering caused by limescale. The area around taps, shower screens, shiny surfaces, and kettles is only a peak of the damage limescale is doing. The harsh mineral in hard water creates limescale when the water is heated and evaporates. When limescale accumulates on and in the heating components, an energy problem occurs. Heating systems can lose up to 12% of their efficiency with just 1.6mm of scale build-up. Furthermore, limescale clogs pipes, which may lead to expensive repairs and limit the flow of water throughout your house. It also affects the performance of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.
The whole expense of limescale includes increased energy bills, cleaning chemicals to remove it, repairs and replacements, greater detergent and soap use, and potential problems with your skin and hair. The best solution to deal with limescale is to install a non-electric water softener before the hard water gets to all of the above. Your entire home will be supplied with limescale-free water and all of its money saving advantages.

Switch your utility bills regularly 

None of us like paying bills but when it comes to things like gas and electricity, are you getting the best possible deal? It is so important to check you are on the best deal at least once a year as tariffs change so often and switching your provider is often where people save lots of money when they switch. I recently switched to Bulb who are a green gas and electricity supplier and who are often up to 18% cheaper than the big 6 energy suppliers. You can also use an energy comparison site to compare what you are paying now to lots of different suppliers to see where your current suppliers sits and what you could be paying!
If you do fancy checking out Bulb yourself this code HERE will give you £50 and me cashback each when you switch (dual fuel switch, or £25 for a single switch for gas or electricity).

Consolidate any debts 

Nobody likes having debts but sometimes these debts have been unavoidable, and we have all been in a tough situation. However, if you do find yourself in debt, with multiple payments coming out it may be easier, and save you money to consolidate all of your debts into one account with a low or even interest free period to help you pay it off without mounting interest on top of the debt. Of course, this isn't a decision that should be taken likely, and it is always best to consult a professional or visit somewhere such as Citizen's advice for proper advice, they may even be able to help you find the best way to tackle to debt and even help you find the right plan for you. 

Consider switching your TV provider

Many of us at some point will have subscribed to a tv/internet/phone line provider from either Sky or Virgin media and it can be extremely temping to do with their amazing "new customer" offers. However, once those offers end (usually after 12 or 18 months) the price of this service can rocket up and may not actually be that cheap anymore. It's always worth looking at what you actually use from these providers against what you could get with something like Freeview which is free to air. It now shows lots of tv channels and shows and it may be worth taking the time to compare the channels you watch against what Freeview provide for free, you might be surprised! The same goes for the internet/phoneline, if you do decide to cancel your subscription to Sky/Virgin don't forget to shop around for the cheapest internet and phone line prices too.

I hope this post has been helpful, if you have any other ideas to share about switches you can make to help save money, please do share them in the comments below.


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  1. There are some great tips here! We have considered Changing our tv provider. We will have to look into this!

  2. These are some great tips! I switched to Bulb last year (I’m a big fan) and they’ve saved me lots of money! I also made the decision to not have a TV licence this year and just use Netflix instead. Taking the time to look at all your ongoing bills and seeing if you can reduce them is also a great option!