Wednesday 28 September 2022

Tips for Creating a Clutter Free, Relaxing Bedroom Space

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Your home is your safe space, the place you come to after a long day, slip off your shoes and are finally able to relax. But I think we can all agree that when it comes to our favourite space to relax and unwind it would probably be our bedroom. The one room that is just yours, no kid's toys and mess, just a grown-up space for you to relax and unwind. But as a parent it's probably the room in your home that is most neglected right? The one room that is almost the last to be decorated and it slowly becomes a bit of a dumping ground for well, almost anything and everything right? 

But we all deserve a space to call our own, somewhere clutter free and relaxing. A space where we can shut the door and just be calm, peacefully and quite in. So below I am sharing some tips on how you can transform your neglected bedroom space into a calming, relaxing and clutter free space with some quick and easy changes. 


Aside from a comfortable bed of course, choosing the right storage (and enough of it) can make one of the biggest impacts in a bedroom. Assessing your needs and working out what you need storage for is the first thing to do. Will it just be clothes and shoes etc or will you be storing other items in your room too? 

If you have a large room and lots of to store it might be worth considering something such as walk in closets for the ultimate space and storage capabilities that give you endless space that you can close a door on to hide. Walk in wardrobes can be especially useful if you have unused space or perhaps a space in your room that is an odd shape and would go unused otherwise. Turning that into a walk-in wardrobe not only utilises the space but provides ample storage too. 

Of course, not all rooms are big enough for something like a walk-in wardrobe, perhaps you have the box room or have given up the bigger bedroom for the kids? But that doesn't mean you can't have ample storage regardless of bedroom size. Instead, you could choose an ottoman style bed that lifts up to reveal a whole chunk of space under the bed that would have otherwise been wasted (this space is also ideal for hiding birthday and Christmas gifts for the kids too!). You also have other more traditional solutions too such as classic wardrobes or draws, shelving and baskets too. 

When looking at storage it's important to remember a few things... what do I need it for, how much space do I have and what type of storage would be in keeping with the decor and space available.  Once you have the answers to the above you should be able to work out which storage is best for you. 

Calming Decor 

Whilst shocking pink or electric blue may be your favourite colour, they might not be the best choices for your bedroom, or at least for the main part of your bedroom anyway. Instead try to opt for warm, neutral or pastel colours such as beiges, blues and dusky pinks. Try to avoid stark colours like white as these can make a room feel cold and empty, instead choose an off white, cream or grey instead as these won't appear so harsh. 

That being said, bright colours may not work all over the walls when it comes to creating a calming environment, but it doesn't mean you can't include them, after all the room is yours and it should reflect who you are. Instead of having bright walls why not add some bright artwork either in colours or subjects that you enjoy. That way you are adding pops of colour and your own personality into the room without risking it becoming overly bright or too stimulating for a good night's rest. 


When it comes to lighting it can make all the difference to the mood created in the room dependent on which lighting you choose. If you can try choosing a warm white over a soft white for a warmer, calming feeling. Whilst a warm white will give off a more yellow/orange light hue, soft white will give a more blue, bright colouring. Some people however may prefer a soft white, brighter white light option for the daytime, especially if you plan on working or doing things like make up application in the room. If this is the case, you could always add a floor lamp or bedside lamps with warm white bulbs. This will then give you the option to switch between the two and also to have a lower light level on an evening when you want to relax. 

Accessories - The Final Touch

People often underestimate the difference the "finishing touches" can make to a room but sometimes these are what can bring a room together and give it that final feel you are looking for. In a bedroom it's all about the soft furnishings, pillows, throws and perhaps even a big fluffy rug to feel under your feet when you hop out of bed in the morning.

This is also another chance to add in your own personal style and personality so go all out. If you love a certain colour, feel or even character, choose accessories that reflect these. Perhaps add some pillows in funky print or bold colour, a few ornaments or candles dotted around the room or maybe even some plants if you want to bring the outdoors in. Just remember that less is more, and you want to add a few key pieces rather than over crowd the room with "things". If you get bored easily you can always store other items and change up your accessories every few months to keep things interesting and fun. 

At this point don't forget your curtains and if you can look for those that are thermal/black out to ensure they help keep your room warm but also block out any early morning sunshine that may disturb your sleep. 

Now all that's left to do is lay back and relax, perhaps find a good book to read and retreat to the sanctuary of your own relaxing bedroom. 

If you are looking to transform your bedroom space to give you a more relaxing and welcoming place to come home too, check out this weblink for all your storage and design needs. 


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