Thursday 27 October 2022

Things to Never Do at a Funeral or Memorial Service

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AD: Funeral etiquette is essential to keep in mind since excellent manners can mean the world to a bereaved person. Tragically, funeral planners reveal that there have been cases of fights breaking out in front of the casket, knocking over the funeral flowers. Due to the sensitive nature of the funeral service, we ask that you please refrain from any disruptive behaviour out of respect for the grieving relatives. 

You must maintain appropriate etiquette at all times when attending the funeral of a loved one, whether it be a relative or a close friend, or when offering solidarity for a friend or acquaintance who has recently lost a loved one. During this challenging time, it is imperative to show compassion and kindness. Don't make things more difficult; instead, express your sincere condolences. To be respectful and dignified, here is a list of things you should NOT do during a funeral. 

Don't Be Late 

It would help if you didn't try to be trendy and late at a funeral, plan ahead when it comes to how long it will take you to arrive etc. If you're going to be late, it's best to sit toward the back, where you won't cause as much of a stir. Sit toward the back and near an exit if you need to get out fast. To guarantee a seat, you should know that the first two rows are typically allocated for close relatives. 

Don't show up unannounced  

Inviting yourself and showing up without being asked is impolite. Even if you were not invited, you can still reach out to the family and show your condolences by sending a note, flowers, or even offering to deliver them a meal.  

Remember that even public memorials may have a private viewing period for the family. If that is the case, you should show up at the opportune moment so as not to disrupt the family's grieving process. 

Don't Use Your Phone 

Make sure your phone is turned off or mute, and even better, keep it tucked away in your bag. Unless you're a close relative, refrain from posting social media updates about the funeral on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.  

While taking pictures during the service itself is not permitted, it is acceptable to do so afterward if you are not sitting among the mourners and would like to capture a group snapshot with friends or family members you might not otherwise see. 

Don't be Rattled by Religion  

Even if you are not a devout follower of a religion, you should not feel uncomfortable attending a service that incorporates religious tenets. You should never feel compelled to take part in a sacrament or recite a prayer aloud in front of other people. Instead, "stand and listen" is what you should do. Explore the various liturgies and funeral practices from throughout the world. 


Actions taken out of genuine concern for those experiencing emotional distress are always greatly appreciated. Help them get through the rough spots in life by being their guardian angel. The day will come when you receive the same treatment from another person. 

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