Thursday 17 November 2022

A Little Extra: How Busy Mums Can Save Some Money

 **Collaborative Post**

So, whilst everyone is definitely in the swing of preparing for Christmas and the new year; as a busy mum, you’ll probably be more aware than anyone how hectic the build-up can be. The adverts are all geared towards celebrating this time of year with traditional food, drinks, and of course; what to buy everyone for Christmas presents. There’ll be the added social gatherings to plan for, wrapping to do, decorations to buy and put up, and maybe a visit or two to see Santa. It all sounds super exciting, and overwhelming in equal measure, right?

I mean there’s no real escaping the fact that this time of year, due to everything mentioned previously, can be expensive. All too often, money worries can cause so much stress to parents around this season. There are pressures to buy and do all the things they see on social media, or in the media in general.
And sadly, it can often lead to entering the new year in debt and worried about money; this year, with energy prices, is an especially challenging financial time.

However, there are always some practical ways that parents can save and earn a little more, to help get them through Christmas. The following are some tips and ideas for anyone who wants to bring in a little extra, to ensure they head into 2023 with fewer financial worries.

A Little Side Hustle

Maybe you're already a side-hustle mum, all set up with their credit card reader, social media accounts, and plan of action for Christmas (hopefully a well-deserved rest). If this is, you; scroll on down to the other tips and ideas. If the idea of starting anything new fills you with utter dread because you feel like you have zero spare time; again, scroll on down, as this is meant to be a little help on the internet and not the opposite! 

If you are thinking about utilising a talent you have to earn some extra cash; keep it simple to start with. Don’t spend any money! There are plenty of free tools to help with social media, sales, and any marketing or services you want to do. Whether you’re planning on illustrating some cards, painting some nails, or potting up some plants; get your images, info, and prices set up, and tell people about it! See if there are any spaces left at Christmas markets so that you can share and speak about what you do in person; this is always a great idea for those who want to provide services within a local area. 

You can do the first part of all this on your phone. So, grab a hot drink, pop on a terrible Hallmark festive movie, and give it a try!

A Big Clear Out

A big clear out is always great before you have to put all those new Christmas gifts away in the new year. Not only will you be creating space and a fresh feel to your home in time for the big day; you may well be uncovered some items that you can sell online. Sounds a little like another side hustle; however, you’ll have none of the stress of setting up a business or marketing yourself. There is an array of apps that allow you to photograph clothes, furniture, and other items that you no longer use so that you can sell them to someone who will.

The timing couldn’t be better either; countless people and families are looking to save money this year and beyond, so they may just think that the pair of boots you bought but never wore is perfect for their wardrobe this Christmas. 

A Limit on Spending

This last tip is to help alleviate any mum guilt you may have regarding getting your little ones a huge pile of gifts or taking them to every single festive experience going. The excitement of opening absolutely anything on Christmas morning is so magical to your kids, they will not expect to break the bank.

Also, swapping the Polar Express ride, for watching it together at home, in Christmas PJs, and eating snacks, will be just as special, if not more so. Core memories aren’t always made by spending any money. They’ll love the time and effort you put into doing anything with them, so don’t feel pressured to spend, spend, spend.

There are also plenty of bargains to grab in the sales. However, it can be easy to get sucked into buying something just because it is on sale, so you won’t have saved any money at all. Therefore, write a list and give yourself a maximum budget around the sales time; only by something if you intended too anyway. Any of these little steps will help you feel less stressed financially, and ready for the new year ahead.


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