Thursday 17 November 2022

The Best Kid's Beds with an Extra Guest Bed

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There are plenty of creative ways to sleep two children in one bedroom, but single beds with an extra guest bed are the best. Beds with an extra guest bed give your child a standard single bed (perfect from age five to teenage years) to sleep on and a slide-out bed underneath for a guest (or sibling) – also known as a trundle or 'trundle bed.'

Another option is a bunk bed or triple sleeper - these suit bedrooms with limited floor space because they add sleeping space vertically.

The fantastic thing about trundle beds is that they hide away when not in use, sliding under the main bed to keep everything nice and neat. This article explores the best kid's beds with an extra guest bed to help you maximise comfort and style.

Let's jump in!

Julian Bowen Mars Wooden Bunk Bed

The Julian Bowen Mars Wooden Bunk Bed (available in white and grey) comfortably sleeps three people with a top and bottom bunk and a pull-out trundle bed.

The pull-out trundle takes a standard single mattress, and the bunks have slatted bases ideal for open coil and pocket spring mattresses.

If you need to sleep two children and an occasional third, the Julian Bowen Mars is the best bed you can buy, and at £659, it's a bargain!

Bedmr Tyler 3FT Single Wooden Bed with Trundle

The Bedmr Tyler (pictured above) sleeps two people with a standard single bed and a pull-out trundle. The trundle takes a regular mattress.

Our favourite Bedmr Tyler feature is the built-in shelves and top table, which give your kid somewhere for books, games, and figurines. The grey finish blends in with any style, and the solid pine construction is built to last. 

Birlea Verona

If you're looking for a classic kid's bed, the Birlea Verona is perfect with its white lacquered finish, pull-out trundle bed, and three drawers.

Pictured: Birlea Verona 3FT Single Cabin Bed – White. Available from Bedstar.

We love this bed's raised trundle bed and built-in drawers, with the drawers pulling out from the frame with the trundle. The side of the bed has three dummy drawers to complete the look for a seamless appearance.

You can also configure the trundle bed on either side when building the bed, making the Birlea Verona perfect for every bedroom layout.

Shire Beds Elizabeth

The Shire Beds Elizabeth is the perfect kid's bed with an extra guest bed if you want an upholstered base. Upholstered bases are soft to the touch, and many prefer how they look, especially with exciting upholstery.

Pictured: Shire Beds Elizabeth 3FT Single Divan Guest Bed, Available from Bedstar.

We offer the Elizabeth in twelve colours, including Royal Blue, Steel, Baby Blue, Saffron, and Latte – making it perfect for every kid's bedroom.

The pull-out trundle is generously sized, and this bed comes as standard with two open coil mattresses to save you money. It is a bargain at £580. 

Julian Bowen Domino

We end our list with the Julian Bowen Domino, a fantastic triple sleeper with a small double-bottom bunk and a single top bunk. It's the perfect bed for older kids who like a giant bed but also need an extra guest bed.

The bottom bunk can accommodate two top and tailing children, while the top bunk is ideal for one kid with a chunky ladder for easy access.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Domino Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – White. Available from Bedstar.

Also available in light grey, the Julian Bowen Domino is one of our favourite beds for small bedrooms and children with lots of sleepovers.


A pull-out trundle bed is an excellent solution if you need to sleep with one or two children and occasional third sleepers. However, triple sleeper bunk beds also have a place, especially if your kid's bedroom has limited floor space.

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