Thursday 12 January 2023

The Best Silentnight Memory Gel Mattresses

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Silentnight is one of the best-known global mattress brands with a history stretching back more than 70 years. The blue logo with a hippo in striped pyjamas is instantly recognisable as a mark of quality and sells like hotcakes in every bed store. The bottom line is you can't go wrong with Silentnight mattresses, and their memory gel collection is one of the best in the business. 

Silentnight offers various memory gel mattresses, including foam, Miracoil, and pocket spring mattresses. This article reveals the best Silentnight memory gel mattresses. 

Let's jump in! 

What is memory gel? 

Firstly, let's talk memory gel. 

Memory gel is memory foam containing millions of gel beads or strands to dissipate body heat. The foam is infused with gel, helping the foam dissipate heat quickly to keep you cool in warm temperatures without sacrificing winter comfort.   

Silentnight's technology is called Geltex, made from air-permeable, open-cell memory foam infused with an elastic gel. This gives the foam bounce and dissipates heat to enhance the open-cell foam's physical qualities. 

Memory gel is superior to memory foam because it solves the heat retention problem of memory foam without compromising comfort and density.  

Best Mattresses 

Without further ado, here are the best Silentnight Geltex mattresses: 

Silentnight Studio Medium Mattress 

  • Prices: £399 single, £599 double, £699 king.  

  • Support: Medium 

  • Technology: 100% foam 


The Silentnight Studio Medium Mattress is a 100% foam mattress with Geltex and memory foam comfort layers above dense support foam.  

Pure foam mattresses offer ultimate motion isolation, so you don't disturb your partner and vice versa. They also have ultra-low responsiveness, meaning they have no bounce and spring back slowly, which feels like a gentle hug. At 26cm thick, this mattress is suitable for any standard bed frame and comes with a five-year guarantee. What's not to love?

Pictured: Internal components of the Silentnight Studio Mattress. Available from Bedstar. 

Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Carme 

  • Prices: £439 single, £599 double, £699 king.  

  • Support: Medium firm.  

  • Technology: Miracoil + memory gel.  

The Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Carme has a medium-firm support rating, making it perfect for back sleepers.


Pictured: Silentnight Miracoil Geltex Carme 

At 29cm thick, this is a robust mattress with Miracoil zoned support springs below 4cm of memory gel and memory foam. The foam also has an open-cell structure, allowing air to pass through it to improve breathability.  

This is a bouncier, more responsive mattress than the Silentnight Studio, making it a better option if you toss and turn frequently.  

Silentnight Geltex 3000 Affluent 

  • Prices: £699 single, £899 double, £999 king.  

  • Support: Medium.  

  • Technology: Pocket springs + memory gel. 

The Silentnight Geltex 3000 Affluent is a luxurious, medium-feel pocket spring mattress perfect for side sleepers of all weights and back sleepers under 170 lbs.  

This mattress is a substantial 38cm thick with 2,000 pocket springs, 1,000 mini springs, Active Response technology for a greater bounce back, and over 3cm of Geltex foam. The total thickness of the memory foam is over 5cm.


We recommend this mattress if you need substantial support and comfort with more bounce and responsiveness than a regular mattress provides. 

Pictured: Silentnight Geltex 3000 Affluent Mattress (side view) 

Silentnight Geltex 1000 Desire 

  • Prices: £499 single, £639 double, £759 king. 

  • Support: Medium soft. 

  • Technology: Miracoil + memory gel. 

We end our list with the Silentnight Geltex 1000 Desire, a medium-soft mattress perfect for people weighing less than 130 lbs, those sleeping with pain, and people who enjoy sleeping on what feels like a cloud or marshmallow. 

The Geltex 1000 Desire has 1,000 Miracoil springs for zoned support, with 4cm of Geltex memory gel above it and a second layer of foam. At 34cm thick, this is a chunky mattress with outstanding refinement and motion isolation. 

Medium soft mattresses occupy a niche in the mattress world because they lack support for anyone weighing more than 9 stone, but some people love the squishiness. If that's you, you will love this mattress's comfort level. 

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