Friday 13 January 2023

The Growth Mindset Workbook from Daddilife Books **REVIEW**

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: As parents, we all want the best for our children in life right? But the reality is that starts at home and with the way we instill things into our children as they grow up such as values, confidence, and their mindset about themselves and life in general. Just like many other aspects of parenting, getting this right can feel like a bit of a minefield, but unlike other aspects of parenting where there is "no manual" thanks to Daddilife Books when it comes to instilling a good growth mindset, we have the next best thing... a workbook! 

The workbook titled "The Growth Mindset Workbook" is a must-have for both parents and children and is packed full of helpful advice, information, and, of course as the name suggests, worksheets and tasks for you and your child to work through.  

As children grow up they face a lot of changes both to themselves and the world around them, pair that with growth spurts, hormones, and them trying to navigate all the usual childhood problems and it is easy to see why our kids might need a little guidance. I also believe that the recent pandemic has completely shattered so much of our children's confidence. The time they would have spent developing, building confidence, making friends, and learning new things, was instead spent isolated and at home. This is why I was even more excited to get my hands on this book recently as I think it will really help us, especially Evelyn who really lacks any self-confidence! 

The Growth Mindset Workbook from Daddilife Books featured 60 activities aimed at children to help them build confidence, learn about themselves, teach them how to become great problem solvers, and overcome challenges they might face in the world. Upon opening the book I am in love with the bright colours and illustrations dotted around the pages. It doesn't feel babyish but feels like it has the perfect mix to be fun for kids but also great for adults too, not something that is easy to achieve! 

Another great feature of this workbook is the to7-day journal which is included. It gives children space to write down things that might be happening that day (this could be things they are looking forward too, are worried about, or just things they want to share). Children are then able to identify and tick off which growth mindset behaviors they have used that day, this is a great way to see how much of the workbook children have been taking in and the things they are learning with you. Then finally there is a space for children to reflect and share something they might have done differently or would have liked to have changed about that day. I think the journal is a fantastic extra in this book and a great way for children to independently reflect on their own journey. 

Throughout the workbook, you will find a variety of short (one or two paragraphs) stories that are the perfect length for kids to be willing to read or listen to. They share stories relevant to the chapter you are in but they show how the things being said in real life are relevant to the stories in the book. One of Evelyn's favourite stories was " the story of the chocolate chip cookie". This story talks about how a baker (Graves Wakefield) has made a mistake that actually ended up with him making chocolate chip cookies, the moral of the story being that mistakes can have positive incomes and they can be turned around, one mistake doesn't ruin everything, in fa,ct we can learn from our mistakes and make them even better outcomes. These stories are then followed by relevant worksheets for children to work through. 

The book itself is broken down into sections with each of the following sections featuring around 10 activities to complete - 

- Me and My Growth Mindset

- Mistakes are Just New Opportunities

- The Power of YET 

- Being an Incredible Problem Solver

- Trying New Ways to Do Things and Keep Trying 

- Dreaming Big 

+ at the end you will find a 7-day growth mindset journal for kids to fill out and keep. 

I like that there is no strict way to use the book, whilst you could obviously work through it from page 1 to the end, if your child is having a particularly hard time dealing with a certain thing or feeling a certain way, you can head straight to that section and the information and activities will still make just as much sense as if you had started at the beginning.

As soon as you start looking through this book it is very clear that a lot of thought, research, and consideration has gone into this. It isn't just another thrown thrown-together "help" book, it's a well-thought-out, useful parent resource that will undoubtedly help both parents and children with its useful content. The worksheets themselves are fantastic. eye-catching and fun but still with purpose. The book features many different types of worksheets from wordsearches and colouring pages to story writing opportunities. 

If you are looking to expand your child's growth mindset or you think they may benefit from building their self-confidence and self-belief I would highly recommend this book. It is definitely one we will be using regularly now and it has already really helped Evelyn already!

You can buy your copy here - The Growth Mindset Workbook on Amazon


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