Tuesday 28 February 2023

Summer Festival Fashion Essentials

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: The evenings are getting lighter and the smell of spring is within grasp (ok let's just ignore the threat of snow this March!) and before we know it the sun will be shining and summer will be here. Of course, that means that everything we love about summer is on its way too, picnics in the park, summer clothes without always needing 12 layers just to head out the door, and... FESTIVALS! 

Whether you are a Glastonbury goer or a heavy rock metal band lover, here in the UK you will find a festival for every age, every music genre, and across every part of the country. And whilst we all know the essentials you will need for a festival such as a tent etc, what about the fashion essentials you might need? It's all about packing light when it comes to festivals as let's face it, you have to haul whatever you take across several fields with you so nobody wants to take anything unnecessary! 

In this post we are looking at the summertime festival fashion essentials that will keep you looking and feeling fresh all weekend long without bringing along anything unnecessary! And remember summer festival fashion can be whatever you feel most comfortable in from floaty dresses to geeky t-shirts and shorts, and everything in between! 

Comfy Shoes 

It can be tempting to bring along your most funky, flashy shoes but be warned, they will most likely get ruined and if you plan on spending most of your time dancing the day away in the crowds, nobody will see them anyway. Think comfort over style, flat trainers that are suitable for both sun and rain and ALWAYS bring a spare pair. As with anything that happens in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable, you could wake up to sunshine, go to sleep in a storm and the last thing you want to have to do is slip on soaking-wet trainers for the day ahead. Some people even like to take one pair of trainers and one pair of welly boots (I would recommend ankle length ones over full length) so they are covered for all eventualities. Sandals should be avoided really as not only as they not very comfy but they don't provide any support or coverage for toes when you are dancing in a crowd!

If you can it's a good idea to wear your shoes in a little before you go to, this ensures they are worn in and you have confidence they are comfortable and not going to give you blisters on the first night!


When it comes to festivals in the summer dresses are a great option. They are lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable whether you are walking around, sitting down, or dancing the night and day away. The design possibilities are endless too with so many different styles and looks on offer from bright and bold festival dresses to those a little more subtle such as skater dresses or summer dresses in pretty floral prints, you can really let your personality shine, just remember not to pick anything too thick or heavy or you may struggle in the heat! If just wearing a dress for added comfort I would also wear a simple pair of cycling shorts underneath too just to protect your modesty (and stop any chaffing too!). 

Another great thing about dresses is that whilst most people would consider a dress a summer item they can actually be worn all year long with some simple layering, something easily achieved at a festival too. For example, if it's warm a strappy dress and cycling shorts would be perfect, but as it gets chillier in the evening throw on a pair of leggings and a cardigan or a jumper/t-shirt underneath and you have a whole new, warmer look. 

Light Layers

As I mentioned above, when it comes to festival fashion, layering is key, and taking a few light layers than can be mixed and matched across the weekend is best. You might be surprised at just how many different looks you can create with a couple of pairs of leggings or tights, a few t-shirts and dresses, and a jumper or two! Since you will likely be out and about exploring all day at a festival it is important to take layers with you so you can add or remove as and when needed so make them light and remember you can always add or remove layers. 

A safe and secure bag! 

Last but most definitely not least, you will definitely need a safe and secure bag. Something that is big enough to fit in your essentials (snacks, drinks, purse, phone, and perhaps a jumper) but still is comfy to wear. This bag is going to be with you everywhere you go and you need to ensure it is safe as it will contain all of your belongings. I have heard of some people even adding small padlocks to the zips which of course could be broken, but would take more effort to break for a thief and therefore act as a deterrent. As much as you would hate to think of crime going on at a festival, it sadly does happen and the best thing you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of it is to carry your items safely and securely with you at all times. 

Most important though is to have fun, stay safe, and remember your accessories and summer essentials such as a sun hat, sunglasses, and of course plenty of sun cream and water! Festivals can be the absolute best if you look after yourself so get out there and enjoy it. 

Are you planning on heading to any festivals this year? I would love to hear some tips and tricks to festivals in the comments below so please do share them. 


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