Friday 24 February 2023

5 Restaurants in Bristol that are Perfect for Date Night

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AD: Dating can be tricky, but whether you are going on a first date, are in a stable relationship, or have been married for years, making time for date night and time for you as a couple is always important. And whatever date you might be heading out on you can't really go wrong with a dinner date at a lovely restaurant. Not only does it mean you can enjoy delicious food but it means that you can sit and chat without too many distractions too, something we often don't get to do. 

If you are planning on taking a date out on a meal there are a few things to consider of course such as any allergies or dislikes they may have (you don't want to be taking your vegetarian date to a steak house for example!), the vibe you are looking for (some restaurants are very romantic whereas others give off a more fun, casual vibe) and of course don't forget to book ahead using a booking service such as Square Meal UK which can help you find and book the perfect restaurant, or if you already know where you want to go, by contacting the restaurant directly. The last thing you want to do is turn up without a booking and be turned away! 

With that in mind here are some of my favourite date night restaurants in my hometown of Bristol

The Botanist 

Offering a sleep and stylish venue The Botanist is perfect for a date night where you want to impress without being over the top formal. Their combination of stylish settings yet a casual menu is the perfect pairing for date night whether you are meeting for the first time or the 100th. The Botanist is located in the historic surrounding of Berkley Square, just a stone's throw from Park Row in Bristol, offering a unique pub, bar, and restaurant experience which is sure to impress from the moment you step through the door. Their menu offers a wide range of options from pizzas and burgers to steaks and pork belly from their special "rotisserie and grill section) 

Turtle Bay 

If you are looking for a fun, relaxed vibe for a date where you can enjoy food packed full of flavours and a huge range of cocktails, then Turtle Bay is the perfect date night spot. Combining their Caribbean menu, made up of things such as Jerk Chicken, West Indian Curries, and Buddha bowls (and so much more) with fun, upbeat Caribbean music. And if you still want to carry on your date when your meal is finished their island bar is perfect for pulling up a seat and sampling their cocktail menu, you won't be disappointed! Turtle Bay is all about fun, flavour, and vibes so if this is the kind of date night you are looking for you can't go wrong here. 


Can you really go wrong with an Italian restaurant for a first date? If Pizza, pasta, and great wine are your thing then Veeno in Bristol is the perfect spot to take your date. Offering a fantastic range of authentic Italian food as well as a variety of experiences such as bottomless pizza and fizz, wine and nibbles, and even a "trip to Sicily" wine tasting which features 6 wines from the family vineyards! Veeno pride itself in not only in offering delicious Italian food but also in being able to pair your food with a glass of great wine, after all, they are winemakers first. So if you have a passion for great wine then Veeno is sure to impress. 

ZaZa Bazaar 

Are you a bit of a fussy eater, or perhaps you have no idea what kind of food your date likes but want to surprise them with a meal out? Well then you can't really go wrong with ZaZa Bazaar, an all your can eat restaurant near Bristol Harbourside that caters to almost everyone when it comes to your taste buds

The open plan dining area can get noisy, but nothing that means you cannot chat still and as it all you can eat, you try a bit of everything, perhaps make it into a fun date by choosing plates of offerings for each other and really get to know your date and what they like! ZaZa Bazzar offers a world of culinary adventure, with no real "menu" instead it offers stations with each one representing a variety of different food from across 5 different continents and a world of culinary adventure with over 300 dishes from across the globe. 

Choose from as many dishes as you can enjoy from across 5 continents of flavour including India, the Far East, the Caribbean, Tex Mex, the Americas, and Europe. Plus there is a chocolate fountain and every date night needs a chocolate fountain, right? 

Beirut Mezze 

If you are looking for a romantic setting that will take your breath away as you walk in, then Beirut might just be for you, especially if you love authentic Lebanese food! Set in an atmospheric cellar Beirut Mezze restaurant offers a cosy, almost cave-like setting with its arched stone ceiling and warm tones it feels comfortable yet romantic at the same time. 

The menu is another draw for Beirut Mezze if you are looking to impress your date with traditional Lebanese flavours since the recipes used here are ones that have been passed down through generations combining fresh, high-quality meat and fish with authentic herbs and spices to create traditional and authentic looking and tasting dishes. They also have a good array of Lebanese wines and fruit cocktails on offer so don't forget to try these too. 

These are just a few of the amazing choices of restaurants available in Bristol that are perfect for a date night. Whether you are looking for something romantic, something fun or something a little more casual, Bristol has something to offer. Don't forget once you have finished your meal you could always head for a stroll alongside the harbourside or if dancing is more your thing, hit one of the clubs! 

Do you have a favourite date night spot? Let me know in the comments below. 


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