Monday 6 March 2023

2 Ways To Save Money On Business Accounting (Which Is Best?!)

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AD: Whether you work for a company or own your own business, every job has those annoying tasks that nobody wants to do. The jobs that get put off until the last minute but then leave you stressed at the last minute. Accounting is usually one of those and its honestly pretty unavoidable, all businesses come with overheads and expenses that can’t be avoided. Most notably, you have a long list of services to pay for. These services help your company operate in many different ways. For example, you have marketing services to promote your business and bring in more customers. 

If you’re a new business owner, you need a firm grasp on your expenses. One overhead that often gets out of hand is accounting. You need to keep track of your finances, deal with taxes and all that mumbo jumbo. Hiring an accountant seems like the natural step, but this can be hugely expensive. They command massive fees and can drain your cash before you know it. 

Instead, here are two ways to save money on business accounting services: 

Do It Yourself

The first option is to take all of the responsibility on your shoulders. 

You’ll handle everything to do with accounting & finance, which eliminates all the costs associated with this service. Already, that’s a big benefit as it should drastically decrease your overheads

There is a slight snag in this plan: what do you know about accounting? If you’ve never done your taxes or handled bookkeeping before, you might be biting off more than you can chew. This could mean you make errors or do things incorrectly, which can actually cost money. 

Moreover, if you’re busy handling the accounts, will you have enough time to deal with your other tasks? In turn, this could affect your business’s performance. 

Work With Online Accountants

Hiring or outsourcing accountants is usually very expensive. When you hire, you have wages and benefits to pay, so that’s immediately off the table for small businesses. Outsourcing is more affordable, but lots of accountants still charge a lot of money. 

The only other solution is to find online accountants - sometimes referred to as cloud accountants. You’ll find places like Cloudbook Online Accountants out there that offer basic accountancy services for businesses of all sizes. Effectively, you pay for a service based on your needs and everything is handled online via the cloud. 

Online accountants tend to be much cheaper as they provide monthly fees. It lets you work with a proper accountant without spending too much money. Small businesses can definitely benefit from services like these. 

Which Option Is The Best For You?

Initially, you’re inclined to go for option two. Cloud accountants give you professional accountancy services without extortionate costs. In the majority of instances, this is the best way to save money on business accounting. 

Nevertheless, it comes down to your own personal experience. If you have a background in finance & accounting, perhaps this is the aspect of your business you’re most interested in. In this case, you can easily handle this side of things on your own without spending any extra cash. 

You see, it all depends on the business owner. Consider which of these two options you think you’ll benefit from the most. The good thing is, both ideas will help you cut down on accounting costs for your small business.


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