Tuesday 7 March 2023

Creating the Perfect Space to Relax with Big Bertha

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AD: There aren't many feelings better than that of coming home after a long day, kicking off your shoes, throwing on something comfy, and settling down somewhere cosy for the evening. Of course, cosy and relaxed means different things to different people, for some it might mean snuggling up in a quiet area with a book, for others it might mean a Netflix sofa marathon or for others, it can mean heading to bed for an early night. 

But whatever your idea of relaxing is, Big Bertha has a product for you that can help make your home feel more cosy and help you to feel relaxed after a long day, keep reading to find out more.

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to creating your perfect relaxation spot. Firstly how much room do you have, is this spot situated within a room or do you plan on using a room of its own? Secondly, what will you use this space, of course relaxing but as we mentioned above, relaxing looks different for everyone so is this space somewhere you want to come to read, hang out, watch films, or sleep (or maybe a bit of it all)? And finally, will you be using this space alone or with others? 


When it comes to creating a relaxing space one of the first and most important things to consider if the furniture, after all it's now very relaxing if you have nothing comfy to sit or lay on right? What if I said to you, ditch the sofas and the beds and instead opt for beanbags? You might be thinking I was going a little mad, however, beanbags are no longer something you find in a teen's room in fact they are some of the most comfortable, plush, and cosy pieces of furniture you will sink into. 

Big Bertha have a great range from XL traditional-style beanbags, high-back beanbag loungers, and even beanbag sofas that look just like your traditional sofas (the Josephine Bean Bags as shown below), they are probably my favourite! 

I think these beanbag sofas give a more "traditional" look within a room without compromising on the beanbag feeling, the armrests, and high back make it perfect for just chilling whilst watching TV, relaxing with friends or reading etc. 

However, if you are looking for something a little more laid back and fun, these Mammoth Bean bags complete with footstool are perfect and since they are more laid back than the sofa they are perfect for catching a quick nap.

Cushions and accessories

We all know when it comes to decorating our homes, sometimes it isn't until the end when you add all the bits and pieces, the accessories that it all comes together, and the same can be said when looking to create a space to relax too. Scatter cushions are of course always a winner, they can provide a pop of colour to your space as well as provide cushions to prop yourself up when reading or watching tv etc, just ensure they are in a super soft fabric like these Large scatter cushion covers from Big Bertha.  

And is any cosy spot complete without a blanket to curl up under on chilly evenings? If you want to go a step further for the ultimate comfort, why not try a weighted blanket? They have been known to help ease anxiety as well as help people relax and sleep better by applying light even pressure all over your body, available in two different weights (7kg or 9kg) you can work out which would be best for you. 

The perfect loungewear 

So you've got your comfy space all sorted, with a beanbag to sink into, cushions and blankets galore but there is one last thing we all look forward to doing when it comes to relaxing... getting out of our work clothes and into comfy loungewear or sleepwear right? For me right now it has to be the very in trend "hoodie blankets" the perfect blend of soft blanket and hoodie that can be worn over normal clothes, over pjs, whenever you want really. As it has arms it isn't restricting so you can still move around and do things all whilst staying warm and cosy. 

So there you have our tips for creating the perfect space to come home and relax in, is this something you would ever consider creating in your home? I think the only problem for me would be I don't think I would ever want to leave again! If you're interested in creating your own cosy space at home you can visit the Big Bertha website to see their full range of products available.


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