Tuesday 18 April 2023

4 Must See Places to Travel Here in the UK!

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: Britain is a fantastic part of the world with so much to see and so many beautiful placed to travel around, with so many amazing and historic sites to see along the way. If you live in the UK and you tend to go abroad for your holidays, the truth is that you might actually be missing out and overlooking some beautiful sites right here in the UK. From stunning beaches with clear blue water to hikes up mountains with the most breath taking views. There is so much to enjoy right on our doorstep that you might want to take a look at instead. Not only that but you can get some great deals on UK breaks so you could be saving yourself money too.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the best parts of the British countryside that you might want to go travelling in this summer including affordable beach vacation packages and something for the whole family. All of these are well worth considering.


Often thought of as more or less its own country, there is certainly a special air to Cornwall that seems to separate it from the rest of the UK - they even have their own language. One thing you have to say about Cornwall on the whole is that it is very beautiful in terms of its countryside, whether you are after some stunning coastlines or you want to go walking in moorland and dales, it’s got it all. It is also a very tourist-friendly part of the country to visit, wherever you might be visiting from. And if you are lucky enough to visit on a scorching summer day you could most definitely mistake the golden sand and crystal clear blue water of some beaches as being abroad somewhere, the beaches and sea are such a highlight in Cornwall, if you visit you must take a dip. You could even try and find one of its many "hidden" beaches!

Lake District

The Lake District comprises 912 square miles of amazing countryside views, and is England’s largest national park as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are more than 200 mountains in the Lake District, including England’s highest peak, as well as its deepest lake. So there is definitely a lot to see here no matter what kind of natural sight you love to be in. In the Lake District places to stay are bountiful, so you will be sure to find accommodation that is right for you to put your feet up in after a long day of exploring. On the whole, it’s a great part of the country to visit, especially if you are passionate about walking, hiking or capturing untouched views that are totally breath taking.

Peak District

Often confused with the Lake District, the Peak District is actually its own specific national park, and in fact it is the oldest in England. You’ll find, of course, plenty of peaks here, and beautiful valleys crossing some sweeping vistas that are likely to really take your breath away. It’s more or less the perfect part of the countryside to go to if you want to go camping, hiking and climbing, or even if you just want to have a relaxed time at an old country inn. In any case, it’s really beautiful so you should check it out at your earliest opportunity.

South Downs

If you are specifically looking for somewhere you can go walking and camping, you should certainly look into the South Downs. Located in the South of England, this is a broad range that goes right across the country, and will provide you with some amazing sights near the sea to the south. You might even want to cross over to the North Downs too, and pick up the trail led by the characters in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. However you do it, it’s an amazing part of the countryside that everyone should see at least once.

Have you ever been to explore any of the places above? We love Cornwall but haven't visited any of the others (but they are definitely on our to do list!). Let me know if you have been to any of the above or if visiting them is on your to do list too. 


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  1. I've been to Cornwall and the Lake Distract and would definitely reccomend both - very beautiful places!