Thursday 20 April 2023

5 Things You Can Do To Feel More Organised and Less Stressed

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: Sometimes life just has a way of becoming stressful for us all. It might be something going on at home, perhaps work is getting on top of you, or something else entirely but at some point we all feel the strains and pressures of day to day life. There are ways we can help this though and finding ways to help combat the stress quickly, and eliminating those things that might interrupt our rhythms and routines can help ensure we don't let those days escalate into something more. Whilst I can't promise this won't happen ever again, there are some things you can do right now that will not only help you feel more organised and less stressed but can help nip and stress in the bud quickly when it does happen. 

Keep reading below for some of our top tips on things you can do to stay organised and limit stress. 

Don't Leave Important Things Until Last Minute

It is all to easy to put things to the side and think you will deal with them later. Perhaps a letter than needs filling out, an appointment that needs making, something that needs investigating but you just never seem to have the time? But putting it to the side only causes even more stress and worry and then you will have to do whatever it was you were putting off anyway, just with the added weeks of stress beforehand from you putting it off! If you have something important to do such as sorting our your life insurance policy, applying for a new job, paying off an overdue bill or maybe even making that appointment you have been putting off, then just do it. Yes it will take a little of your time but once it is done it is done and all the time you put it off will just be weighing on your mind until you do. Plus the more you put off, the more things that will stack up, only taking you longer to tackle them all in the long run. 

Find Time for Yourself Regularly 

We are often good at giving out advice but not taking it ourselves, we see a friend who looks tired we tell them to take time for themselves, yet we walk about tired and stressed but never take time for ourselves. It's almost as if for many, they feel some sort of guilt taking time for themselves but this is something that is actually vital we practice self care to stay happy and healthy! It doesn't have to be an extravagant holiday or a costly spa trip. It could be a self care day at home, it could be a day that you disconnect all your devices and indulge in a book. It could even be an evening enjoying a lovely meal or a few drinks with a partner or friend. Whatever it is, make sure that it is something you enjoy, something you want to do and it isn't centred around work or family commitments, remember this is your time and having that time is so important to keep stress at bay. Try to set some time aside each week, even an hour or two and prioritise it, your body and mind will thank you for making time for yourself and having something to look forward to. 

Eliminate Clutter and Things you Don't Need

Some people like having mementos around then but there comes a point when decorations and mementos become clutter and it is at that point, you may wish to consider having a bit of a sort out and a serious de-clutter. Remember de-clutter doesn't have to mean throw away! It could that all of the "clutter" has meaning to you but in order to free up space you may need to box things up carefully and store them somewhere safe and secure such as a loft space or paid for lock up type facility. 

Make a List 

There is something about making a list, well actually ticking things off from a list that is seriously satisfying. Not only can lists stop you feeling to overwhelmed with all the jobs on paper rather than swirling around in your own head. Making a list help you visually see what needs doing (and then the satisfaction of cleaning it all and ticking bits off an you go) in that moment of stress and worry. It can help break down a problem that feels big and overwhelming in your mind to much smaller more manageable tasks on paper. This is a really handy thing to do if you find yourself forgetting things easily or or if you become easily overwhelmed with large, busy tasks etc. 

Take up a New Hobby or Craft

Similarly to finding time for yourself, finding a hobby or craft or even a club that you can do can be a great stress relieving activity that can take your mind off of all of the things causing you worry and stress, even if for a little while. It should be something completely separate to your normal day to day life, something ideally away from the TV or mobile phones etc. If you like to be social try to find an activity or club you can do with others, there are lots of there from joining a sports team, joining a book club or wine club or even setting up your own club! Knowing you have an activity or club to go to where you can switch off from all the day to day noise, stress and worry you face is the perfect solution to blocking out the noise and doing something that makes you smile and look forward too. 

What ways do you find help you stay organised and less stressed? Please do share in the comments below, you never know you could be helping someone else too. 


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