Friday 19 May 2023

3 Renovations to Focus on When Tackling a "Fixer Upper"

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AD: When most people buy property, they focus on homes that they can move straight into. Some braver individuals choose fixer-uppers instead. These are houses that need a little more work, these can often be much more affordable than their counterparts because they will in turn need money spent on them to make them into a liveable standard. They’ll still need some major improvements, which is where many people get stressed, especially those who want to move into their homes as soon as possible.

By knowing which renovations to focus on with a fixer-upper, however, you make this much simpler. Not only will the process be much more straightforward, but you’ll have a larger impact on how your new property looks than you’d expect. Plus once the major jobs are done, it means you could even move into your home whilst you do the work. This means less traveling but it may mean living around renovations for a little while.

Three of these are worth looking at because of how effective they’ll be.

Renovations To Focus On With A Fixer-Upper: 3 Top Options

1. New Flooring

One of the larger renovations to focus on with a fixer-upper could be the floor. While it doesn’t need to be falling apart for you to consider fixing it, it can always be worth looking at. That is because renovating the floor is easiest to do whilst the home is empty and can add real value to your home too. If you want something that is classic but will last why not go for something like solid wood flooring, it will add real character to your home and will last without the need to replace regularly like other flooring. Once you start moving things in such as furniture or fitting kitchens and bathrooms etc. it can be more difficult to access the flooring easily. If you don’t like how it looks, consider replacing it with something new.

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from with this, from wood to marmoleum flooring, and everything in between. This could be one of the more expensive renovations to look at, but the impact it’ll have is more than worth it and should last for years to come.

2. Cosmetic Improvements

When most people think of fixer-uppers, they usually envision properties that are falling apart and need an extensive amount of time to fix. That isn’t always the case. Sometimes, cosmetic improvements could be one of the only renovations to focus on with a fixer-upper. The flooring mentioned above is one of the more notable of these.

Outside of that, most of the improvements you’ll need to make could be relatively minor. Replacing doors and windows, repainting walls, filling in holes, and similar options are some of the more common improvements you’ll need to make with this.

3. Large Repairs

Cosmetic improvements are far from the only things you could need to focus on with a fixer-upper. There could be more than a few repairs you’ll have to carry out. Start with the largest of these, as they’ll often be some of the more complicated ones to do. They’ll involve some of the larger headaches.

The walls, ceilings, and roof could be some of the more important areas to focus on with these. You wouldn’t want to risk these coming down or falling apart when you’re living there. All of the repairs you’ll need to do should be highlighted by a building inspection. Another thing to think of is your boiler so you have water and heating, without it, it could be very hard to move into your home, even if it is ready for you to come into.

Focus on the larger tasks and those that will mean you can yourself moved, and then tip away at the smaller ones in time.

Renovations To Focus On With A Fixer-Upper: Wrapping Up

With the right renovations to focus on with a fixer-upper, you’ll make it look as amazing as possible. You’ll also end up avoiding more than a few headaches during the process, so there’s no reason not to focus on them from the start. A fixer-upper home is almost like having a blank canvas for families to make their own.

Installing new flooring, tackling any large repairs, and making a few cosmetic improvements are some of the more notable of these. While they’ll take an investment, and maybe some elbow grease, they’re the more fundamental aspects to focus on.

Would you ever consider buying a fixer-upper home or would you prefer a home that was ready to move straight into?


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