Friday 19 May 2023

Wardrobes Essentials Everyone Should Have

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: Our clothing can say a lot about who we are and can be great to showcase your personality too. If you are keen to try and look your best, or showcase your personality through fashion, there are many ways that you can try and achieve this. Easily one of the most powerful is simply to make sure that you have all the wardrobe essentials a person might need. If you have a good set of wardrobe staples then not only will you always have something to wear that can be dressed up or down, then you can use the rest of your wardrobe to showcase who you are.

So what are those essentials, and how can you ensure you have them in your own wardrobe? Let’s take a look at this in some detail right now and help you ensure you have the right essentials in your wardrobe.


The thing about jeans is that you can wear them with pretty much anything. They can be worn casually for day to day wear or dressed up with a nice top for night on the town. They are versatile and long lasting too so investing in a good pair of jeans can save you money in the long run too. So no matter what kind of outfit you are trying to pull off or what overall look you want to achieve, having a pair of jeans to go with it is certainly going to be a helpful idea. Ideally, you will have a selection of a few: some upmarket Dolce & Gabbana jeans as well as more everyday ones. That way, you’ll have a pair for pretty much any occasion you might find yourself in, and that will help your style out considerably.

White T-Shirt

Sometimes particular items of clothing are best thought of more as utility pieces than anything else. This is the archetypal example of that. With the right white t-shirt on your side, you will find that you can put together a look for pretty much anything that you might be trying to do, and it’s amazing how much this can help. Just having a white crewneck t-shirt will mean you can throw an outfit together at the last minute whenever you need to - especially if you also have a decent pair of jeans, as discussed above.


A simple jacket that is neither too showy nor too plain: that’s a great item that will make your wardrobe really work for you a lot more effectively. Ideally, it will have a simple block colour, so that you can more easily make it work with anything. For instance, most people will need to have a black jacket or at least that is an item that is well worth trying for. As long as you have that, it’s the kind of thing that is going to help you out a great deal, and you will be so glad that you have it.


Finally, get yourself a simple sweater that you can throw over a number of other items of clothing. Once you have this in your wardrobe, or something like it, that is going to mean you are much more likely to end up with a series of clothing that you can enjoy. A good example would be a simple striped or pastel/nude colour number which you are going to be able to wear easily and without too much trouble. Sweaters are also great from season to season, with them being essential in the winter and perfect for layering in both spring and autumn.

What are the wardrobe essentials that you always have in your wardrobe that you wear time and time again? Let me know in the comments below. 


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