Wednesday 24 May 2023

Interior Bedroom Trends for Spring 2023

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: Spring is here and the sun has finally decided to make an appearance (and fingers crossed) stick around too! It feels so much nicer waking up in the morning to the warm sunshine beaming through the windows rather than grey dreary clouds and rain! And with the sun looking like it is here to stay, now is the perfect time to consider a complete bedroom make over and there are some great trends so inspire you for 2023, Keep reading below to find out more. 

Whilst your bedroom space will ultimately need to be inspired by you, your likes and dislikes and be functional for you, getting inspiration from this year's trends can be a great way to get ideas and make a start before adding your own finishing touches to make it your own. Below we are looking in depth at some of this year's bedroom trends in more detail. 

Light and Airy 

Gone are the bright colours or busy wallpaper feature walls, instead this year it's all about pastel colours, simple walls, and even whites to create a light, airy and bright space. Instead of busy wall paper or loud paint colours people are instead using pictures and artwork against the walls to add a splash of colour and showcase their personality. I love this idea because not only does it mean the room is personal to you, but it can be changed regularly without the need to redecorate all the time, you can just change up the artwork instead. 

Standout Beds or Headboards

The bed should always be the focal point of any bedroom, but this year things are really stepping up with large, luxurious beds and headboards and really making a comeback for 2023. With minimalist looks and pastel-colored walls, the trends are all making way for your bed to be upfront and centre. These plush studded headboards, like the one shown below, or even floor-to-ceiling headboards for a really dramatic feature are fantastic. Whatever the look your bed should make you want to jump in it every time you enter the room.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Having plants indoors has been a growing trend for some time now but for 2023 the outdoors is not only coming inside, it's working its way into the bedroom too! It is well known that plants can have a calming effect as well as help to reduce stress and increase your mood. They also have many other benefits in the home such as helping to reduce fatigue and tiredness and they could even be helping to reduce your blood pressure too! 

One ideal plant to grow in your bedroom is the Peace Lily, it improves the quality of indoor air and is especially good at absorbing mold, preventing mold and mildew from forming on window frames or any area in your bedroom that is susceptible to damp conditions. Other plants known for their air-improving qualities include English Ivy and Aloe Vera too. Or if you fancy something that looks great and is easy to care for, the spider plant always works well, especially when hung up high so the long leaves can fall and flow from it, this could be a great option if you are low on space as they can be hung from a ceiling. 

Hidden Storage 

Nobody wants to walk into a room full of clutter, and this certainly rings true for the bedroom, a space where you are supposed to go to relax and sleep! Hidden storage such as a bed frame with storage underneath or built-in cupboards is an ever-growing trend as people find new and genius ways to hide their clutter to create a clean, modern-looking space. 

Keeping clutter etc away during the warmer months is especially helpful as you want the air to be able to circulate around your room freely to help keep you cool. Any clutter can stop air circulating and can even block things such as fans you have running to help keep you cool as the air won't able to freely making it around the room.

Changeable Lighting 

Whether it be through ceiling lights on a dimmer switch, strip lighting around the edge of the room or through use of lamps etc, being able to change the lighting in your room depending on your mood is a big trend for 2023. Being able to change the brightness of the lighting in your room is a great way to change the overall mood of your room, dim and orange for a calming, relaxing sunset vibe, bright and white for getting ready and bright, fresh mornings! 

Comfort and Relaxation

I think one of the biggest and perhaps most important trend for 2023 is that people are beginning to see their bedroom space as more than just a functional space to sleep in. They are seeing it as a place to unwind, to relax, to seek peace and quiet and time alone. They are seeing it as a space they want to go to, a comfy space to read a book or take time to pamper yourself in. 

So if you only take one thing from this post, take this. Take with you that your bedroom space is more than just somewhere to sleep. It should reflect a space where you want to go, where you find comfort and happiness after a long hard day! 


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