Sunday 28 May 2023

Non-Alchoholic Drinks to Enjoy Guilt Free This Summer

 **Collaborative Post** 

The sun has finally made an appearance and it looks like it might be here to stay, dare I say it, summer is almost here and I have already smelt the delicious smell of barbeques cooking and every pub garden I drive past has been bustling with people enjoy the sun and a cold pint. But for many, the summer and all of the events and invitations that come with it can be a difficult time to navigate if you don't drink and people are forever offering you a drink! But there are many reasons you might be choosing not to drink from pregnancy or illness to personal choice and health reasons! 

However, choosing not to drink alcohol doesn't mean you need to miss out this summer or stick to the "boring" cordials and fizzy pop. There is actually a great range emerging of non-alcoholic drinks from those that mimic their alcoholic counterparts and those that are just delicious in their own right! 

So if you are looking to avoid alcohol this summer (or any time of the year) check out these non-alcoholic drink options.

Cocktails/ Mocktails

Cocktails are a fantastic way to avoid alcohol but still enjoy a drink. Not only are cocktails lots of fun to make and experiment with, most recipes can be adapted to just leave out the alcohol or substitute it for something non-alcoholic instead such as a mixer or cordial, these are often referred to as Mocktails Instead of alcohol, you can experiment with different juices, mixers even adding fruit, etc to still be left with a fun, refreshing drink. If in doubt go for something fruity such as a strawberry daiquiri (just omit the alcohol). 

Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea

Something a little different but totally delicious is sparkling tea! It comes in a bottle similar to wine but unlike wine the dry dragon drink is alcohol-free. It is, in fact, a fine Sparkling Tea, made using pan-fired Dragonwell green tea, fermented to produce a non-alcoholic Sparkling Tea. The drink itself perhaps slightly mimics some wines with its light and crisp on the nose with notes of honeydew melon and a delicate leafy undertone. Dry and fresh on the palate with flavours of sweet lemons, grapefruit, and a gentle, nutty finish. The perfect partner to summer salads, shellfish, or for all-day sunshine sipping.

Non-Alcoholic beers and cider

If you want to feel like you are drinking with everyone else, sometimes it's all about feeling like you are drinking the same but without actually consuming alcohol. The supermarkets have definitely cottoned onto this and now have a great range of alcohol-free or low-alcohol options that look almost identical to their alcoholic alternatives. Drinks such as Rekorderlig cider, Heineken, Thatcher's, and Brewdog all offer alcohol-free alternatives that come in bottles or cans so similar to their drinks with alcohol! 

Alcohol-free wine alternatives

Again similar to above, if you want to enjoy a drink that is alcohol-free but feel like you are drinking the same as everyone else, supermarkets now have a great range of alcohol-free wines (inc red, white, and rose), prosecco and even alcohol-free champagne, so you really don't need to feel like you are missing out. 

Cordials and Spritzers

Let's not forget that if you don't want to drink alcohol you may want a drink that avoids even feeling like you are drinking alcohol and for that cordials and spritzers are perfect! They are refreshing, can be mixed with lots of different things (a little like a mocktail) and are perfectly refreshing for summertime! Some of my favourites are using cordials to make different flavoured lemonades, using your favourite cloudy lemonade as a base and adding cordials such as raspberry, watermelon or pineapple to make a refreshing drink. You could even make up a jug of your favourite iced tea to enjoy on a hot summer day, loaded with sliced fruits for an extra zingy taste. 

So these are our go-to alcohol-free alternatives when we want to enjoy a refreshing drink in the sun without any alcohol. What are your go-to drinks in the summer? Let me know in the comments below. 


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