Wednesday 14 June 2023

4 Ways to Massively Boost Your Property Value

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AD: Chances are, you’ve already heard of all the small renovations that can boost real estate property value, such as curb appeal, home staging, and making some small energy-efficient switches, but the property value boost isn’t very high for these. Sure, they make the property more desirable, but that’s about as far as it goes. Since your home is an investment, you’re clearly going to want to get as much money back when it’s time to sell. Those little changes can add up, but you’re clearly wanting some reassurance, right?

Well, there are some ways where you can feel confident that the property value is being boosted, so keep reading on to find out what they are!

Look into Adding a Sunroom

Just think about Victorian homes or even luxury mansions; a lot of them have one common theme, and that’s owning a sunroom. They go together with elegance and luxury; plus, who wouldn’t want one? A sunroom can add an incredible amount of value to your home. This is because it’s an addition that increases your liveable square footage, which is one of the most important factors in determining home price and assessment value. Plus, it’s a relatively inexpensive and highly versatile improvement.  Nowadays, they come in a variety of forms, so construction can be pretty easy and cheap. 

Upgrade Your Flooring

Whether you're thinking of selling your home in the near future or just want to give it a refresh, upgrading your flooring can massively boost your property value. Buyers prefer homes with consistent flooring throughout, and a professional flooring company can help make sure each room flows well together. Hardwood floors are a popular choice and flooring such as parquet flooring can give a really beautiful and eye-catching finish to a room, creating a real selling and focal point, but carpet and tile can also be attractive to buyers. Generally speaking, homebuyers look closely at the floors; the same goes for real estate agents too. So it’s best to take a close look at mostly wooden floors as these are more in demand than concrete, epoxy, or even vinyl tiles. 

Check Your Kitchen

Kitchen upgrades can be an excellent place to start. They’re simple yet effective upgrades, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. Look into changes such as replacing cabinet fronts and repainting the cabinets. These projects cost less than £5,000 and will instantly appeal to buyers. Other low-cost but effective upgrades include adding a fresh coat of paint, updating the backsplash, and installing granite countertops. It’s mostly about updating the kitchen, as the kitchen tends to be the most outdated space in the whole house. 

Add an Extra Room

In the end, the biggest way that guarantees a boost in property value is going to be adding more space in the home itself. You can look into basement construction, installing a new bedroom, home office, or even something like a deck or porch. All of these count as additional space for the home. But bedrooms tend to be where it’s at! Homebuyers will look into the number of bedrooms that are available.

Of course, some of these renovations are a little costly so it's worth checking with an estate agent whether they think doing the work would be worth the cost and how much extra you might expect to get if you were to sell. But most of the time spending a bit can add a lot more to your home so if you are wanting to add value, these are some great options to consider.


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