Monday 19 June 2023

Should You Consider a Cruise for Your Next Family Holiday?

 **Collaborative Post** 

AD: The sun is shining, its almost officially summer and I don't know about you but it's making me want to be on holiday somewhere, sipping a cocktail and enjoying some family time with the kids. If you are yet to book your family holiday this year yet (or you are super organised and are already looking at booking for next year), have you ever considered a cruise? Cruises can be a bit like marmite for some people but with more and more cruise holidays being announced, ships getting bigger, better and with even more destinations to travel too, could a cruise be on the cards for you and your family? 

If you are considering a cruise or wondering if they are suitable for a family holiday then keep reading below as we discuss what a cruise can offer other holidays can't and whether they are good for families with young children. 

See More of the World 

For me, one of the main draws of cruising is getting to see multiple destinations in one trip. This can be ideal if perhaps you have lots of places you want to see or if people in your family want to see different destinations, cruising can fit them all into one trip. I think cruising gives the best of both worlds in terms of having time to relax poolside on board whilst you sail and then lots of adventure and exploring once you reach your destination. The mix of the two also means little legs don't get too tired of back-to-back exploring and the adults can also take a break in between too. 

Fully Covered

Just like when you travel anywhere abroad, it comes with worries about illness or cancelations and actually when cruising you may be even more concerned as some cruises can be pricey! But did you know you can actually get "cruise cover" on travel insurance? Cruise holiday insurance means you are covered for all the usual travel insurance issues but also the following - 

  • Airlifting from the cruise ship to the mainland should you need to be hospitalised 
  • Missed port departure
  • Cabin confinement
  • Cruise interruption
  • Change of itinerary
  • Cover of unused excursions
  • Cruise cancellation

With all this extra cover you and your family can rest assured from the moment you book to when you embark on your trip you are fully covered and protected against anything. 

Facilities for Everyone

When trying to choose a destination or accommodation for your next family holiday it can be tricky trying to find something for everyone right? Most places either cater to adults or kids, younger kids or teens, etc and if you are traveling with a wide range of people of different ages it can be tough to keep everyone happy. However, cruising is designed for that reason exactly. There are cruise ships designed to cater to families with something for everyone from babies to grandparents. 

You might be surprised what they can fit in a ship but some of the modern ships have everything from full sized pools complete with water slides to shopping malls, casinos, cinemas, huge entertainment halls, bowling and so much more. Most family-friendly ships will also have kid's clubs on too so if you want a few hours to relax by the pool alone or think your child might like to make some new friends on board, the kid's clubs are perfect. 

Everyone gets to relax

Whether it's driving around on holiday, cooking the meals, or tidying up, there are still jobs to do when on a traditional holiday, but all that changes when onboard a cruise. There is no need to worry about not being able to enjoy a little drink with lunch because you have to drive, the boat will take you everywhere you need to go. The food is all prepared on board so all you need to do is throw on your best dress and decide what to eat from the huge array on offer. And dedicated cruise ship staff ensure everything is clean and tidy,  everything you could want or needs to happen to ensure your trip runs smoothly. 

All you need to worry about is where you are going to explore when the boat docks or what cocktail you are going to enjoy next by the pool. The kids will be kept entertained by the endless activities usually on offer too. 

So these are just some of the reasons why we think cruise holidays make the perfect trips for families and whilst they can be expensive it's important to remember just what is included in your trip, its more than just your traditional holiday, it's being taken care of, its endless facilities, its delicious food and drink on tap AND its multiple destinations in one trip. 

Would you consider a cruise for your next family holiday? 


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