Tuesday 27 June 2023

Comfy Bra Types To Wear at the Office

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AD: When you wake up on Monday, the one thing you probably don't want to stress over is what bra to wear under your work outfit. Office attire is usually a little more formal than what you wear on the street, so you might feel like you have to match your outfit with a stuffy, uncomfortable bra. You don't deserve to sit in discomfort while you're trying to live in your boss era.

From the best t-shirt bra to a sleek and sexy minimizer bra, here are the comfy bra types you can wear at the office. 

Full Coverage Bras 

If you tend to think of bras as lingerie and you've always longed for more support, you have to check out full-coverage bras. These bras offer maximum support and coverage for those long days at the office. 

Don't worry about wearing an old-fashioned or ancient-looking bra. Full coverage doesn't mean ugly. With a well-fitting full-coverage bra, what you'll get is a feeling of confidence when you walk into the office. 

Wireless Bras 

Wireless bras live at the other end of the spectrum from full coverage bras, but they might be what you need to save yourself the trouble of having your underwire poke you all day every day when you're at work. While wire free bras are not for everybody, they can work as office attire if you have smaller breasts and don't need as much support.  

When you look for the perfect wireless bra to wear to the office, there are a few things to consider. If you get cold easily because the AC is always cranked up to eleven, choose a padded wireless bra. You might also want to choose something that is seamless if you want your bra to disappear under your clothes. 

The bottom line is that you should have the freedom to choose the bra that is best for you. If you don't need an underwire for support, you don't have to wear one. 

T-Shirt Bras


Your favourite everyday bra is also perfect for the office, and, yes, that means your t-shirt bra. T-shirt bras are versatile, meaning they work well under casual and formal clothes. You can wear a t-shirt bra under your blazer and blouse as easily as you would wear it under your favourite screen tee. T-shirt bras feature a natural rounded shape and give you a smooth and flawless silhouette, which makes this type of bra a no-brainer for the office. 

Minimizer Bras 

If you constantly worry about popping one of the buttons on your favourite office shirt, you might find relief with a minimizer bra. These bras work to minimize the projection of your breasts. Instead of pushing up your breasts or making them stick out, minimizer bras help spread out your breasts so you have a sleek and comfortable profile. If you have larger breasts and you want to feel more contained at the office, reach for a minimizer bra. 

Remember that your bra should never cause discomfort or pain, no matter what shape or size you are. Find a
comfortable strapless bra that fits perfectly so you can go out stress-free today, tomorrow, and forever. 


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