Wednesday 28 June 2023

The Benefits of Boarding School for Children

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AD: When it comes to education, most parents usually resort to sending their child to their local school, and in some cases, taking on the responsibility of home-schooling them. However, over time, boarding schools have also crept in as a popular route for schooling children, with it being considered as an effective educational option for them. Whilst the decision to send a child to boarding school depends on personal choice, it is wise to explore the potential benefits that boarding schools have to offer. 

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Enhanced academic opportunities

One of the main benefits of boarding schools is the focus it has on academics. Boarding school is often well known for their high-quality members of staff, with each providing a specialised approach to learning. With smaller class sizes, students are able to receive one on one attention, which allows teachers to identify their learning styles, aiding them to excel academically and allowing them to focus and help with topics children may find more difficult. On top of that, boarding schools usually offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, which fosters a holistic learning environment that nurtures talents that stray beyond the classroom.

Development of Independence and Responsibility

Given that boarding school is usually the first-time children live away from home for long periods of time, it helps to foster the development of independence and responsibility in them. Through the efforts taken to balance school hours, extracurricular activities, and personal time, students learn how to manage their time more effectively and make decisions independently. These are skills that are usually taught much later in a child’s life, which makes boarding school the perfect place for them to set everything in stone early on.

Making Lifelong Friends

Whilst most children will find friendship groups in a school setting, children who attend a boarding school will typically spend a lot more time with other children and their friends, therefore allowing for a stronger bond and friendship that can last a lifetime. These children get to grow up together, experience everything boarding school offers together and these friendship groups often end up becoming more like siblings! 

Looking forward to family time

I think we can all be a little guilty of taking things for granted when we have them all time, things like seeing our parents, days out etc. But for children who attend boarding school, most will really look forward to spending time with their parents, peers and siblings on weekends and holidays. When you are away from something you learn to appreciate it a little more as they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and it allows everyone to enjoy the time they go get to spend together a little more. 

While the decision to send a child to boarding school requires a lot of care and consideration, the benefits of this educational environment is vast. Not only will it offer specialized learning, but a unique learning experience that significantly contributes to their personal and academic growth.


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