Wednesday 28 June 2023

What is the Purpose of Enrichment Activities in Schools?

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AD: I am sure most of us can remember back to our school days when the teachers would announce a class trip or a school visitor and everyone would be so excited, well thats exactly why schools still have things like enrichment activities and trips for kids! It is something exciting, something new, kids learn through them without evening knowing! When learning a lot of different elements there are lots of ways we can help them progress, these include plenty of activities to enrich their experience further and get kids excited about a subject or topic. It’s also a good way for children to learn a lot more about themselves through educational activities that will help them discover passions and make school life more enjoyable. 

To help us understand why enrichment activities are so important, this guide will explain what the purpose of these sorts of activities entails. 

Helps children to appreciate what they are learning 

A lot of enrichment activities cater well to other studies that students will be picking up on. For example, if your child really enjoys performing arts and drama then they might enjoy attending a dancing club or ballet lessons. This in turn leads to more motivated individuals in the classroom; they know where their strengths lie and how it can be used to improve their overall sense of confidence. Seeing people actually doing the thing they love also helps them visualise their dreams and hopes as reality and as a more achievable target.

Is an important part of a well-rounded education 

Attending school each week is the goal, but schools also know that they should be providing additional activities for children to explore supporting skills and stop children become bored too. Younger learners begin to understand what makes them tick, and how they can gain knowledge outside of the usual classroom setting. That can help students feel more excited to learn new things, discover other aspects of subjects, and feel more motivated to learn. 


A good example is what we all learn from the world of science, then split into its 3 major subjects - Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Attending a STEM-themed club or coding lessons, based on a child’s love for science, is why enrichment will be so important. It is often hands-on, something that can't always happen in a usual lesson, it also allows children to get a glimpse of what a career might look like using some of the subjects they learn in school.


Improves motivation in school 

Enrichment will involve a lot of lessons and activities that make learning fun and exciting. A child that’s struggling to enjoy themselves in school could be after a different approach to learning. As we all learn in different ways, enrichment activities offer a lot of realistic support to those with various learning approaches and interests. If there are a lot of interesting approaches to learning, through more hands-on activities and fun, then children can be motivated to take on new skills.  


With the many different activities your child can benefit from, including Lego play, martial arts, and fencing to name but a few, it will be a great way for them to explore academic skills as well as practical skills. Thankfully many schools across the country have the facilities to help children learn to enjoy all of learning life, such as at this Sixth Form in London. 


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