Thursday 6 July 2023

Helping your child develop their vocabulary

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AD: When it comes to a child and their language development, many are unaware of how important this stage truly is in their life. In fact, this time is fundamental for little ones, with their vocabulary size at the age of 4 alone being able to be used as a clear prediction of their academic outcomes in their teenage years. A broad vocabulary needs a lot more care as it helps to boost social skills and confidence from childhood right into adult life. Whilst formal education is perceived to be the route used to educate children on anything academic, input from parents is also required too. As much as 95% of a child’s vocabulary roots right from their parents, which clearly shows how important parental involvement is.

Continue reading the blog below on helping your child develop their vocabulary, as advised by this day nursery in London. 

Encourage your child to ask questions 

There is no doubt that it is through inquisitiveness, that individuals are able to learn and grow. This applies heavily to children, as their younger selves are constantly on a mission to learn and discover the world around them. Whether they come to you asking for the definition of a word or simply why a certain word is used, be sure to happily discuss their query without making them feel judged or embarrassed. In fact, you should show interest, delight, and pride when they share a new word with you, whilst taking the time to explain the definition.  

Talk to them 

Sounds simple and like it won't do much, but rest assured, this is one of the easiest ways to grow your child’s vocabulary. You don’t have to talk about anything exciting, just ensure there is a two-way conversation happening. This could be about your daily routine or a memory you both share. 

Helping a child develop their vocabulary is as simple as it seems. By taking the time to talk to your child constantly and giving them the answers they seek, they will be on their way to becoming an articulate individual in no time.  

Read together

Books are another great way to expand a child's vocabulary in a fun way that probably won't even feel like learning to them. Books allow us to open up our imagination and whilst doing so use a range of words we might not necessarily find in our day-to-day speech. This opens children up to a whole new range of words and since you are using them in a story it also allows children to hear the words in context to, helping them to learn when to use certain words in sentences, etc. 

These are just a few examples of how you can help expand and develop your child's vocabulary. Just remember that there are lots of things day to day you probably already do or could be doing that will also help. Things like TV and tablets etc whilst it isn't ideal to have your child sat watching them all day, they too have their uses for learning and hearing new vocabulary, there are some great educational shows for this if you want to try and keep their screen time to a more educational setting too. 

Before you know it you will be having full blown conversations with your little ones and it makes things so much easier when they can finally tell you what they need or want (just also be prepared for all the "but why" questions! 


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