Thursday 6 July 2023

Should I consider home-schooling my child?

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The conversation of school can be rather tricky when it comes to discussing it amongst parents, as each has their own view of what they believe to be the right approach to it. Whilst all parents naturally believe learning is a necessity in order for children to be launched into society the correct way, many have their own opinion on the best routes to take when it comes to the how, where and when this might be done. For example, when it comes to choosing schools for children, most parents go for the one in their local area, whereas others will look into grammar school, boarding school, and in some cases, homeschool. Home schooling has become extremely popular over the years, with parents becoming widely aware of the benefits that come with it.

Keep reading for some advice from this online school in the UK, on if you should consider homeschooling for your child.  

Individualised learning 

One of the main reasons that homeschooling is becoming such a popular option for educating children, is because it allows parents to personalise their learning. Given that they have one on one attention, they are able to link and adapt their learning to their interests, learning styles, and needs. They also have the chance to spend an entire day on projects and change the curriculum to suit their child’s needs. Additionally, parents can spend as much time as needed on areas of difficulty, this being something that isn’t really possible in traditional school settings 


The beauty of homeschooling, is that it can be done absolutely anywhere. This means families have the chance to go on more trips together, without the students learning being disrupted. Similarly, homeschooling means there is no longer a hectic school run, with it allowing a calmer start to the day. 

Remember, homeschooling is great but differs from family to family. What works for one, may not work for the next. And that’s fine. If this is something you are considering, think about if it is possible and if your child will benefit from it. Good luck! 

Smaller more tight-knit community

Homeschooling families will often find a small group or community of fellow homeschooling parents and children with whom they plan activities etc so that children still have a chance to learn, play and interact with other children. Whereas there might be hundreds of children in a school these groups are much smaller meaning that not only do children get to become closer to each other but so do the parents which can make for a lovely supportive group, something not always possible in a mainstream, busy school!

Just like any option when it comes to schooling there will of course be pros and cons for every option and it really comes down to what is right for you and your children. Ensure you do your research beforehand and don't rule anything out until you have explored every option. And just remember if you give homeschooling a try and it doesn't work out you can always change your mind. 


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