Monday 14 August 2023

Reasons To Have A Conservatory

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AD: Does your home offer you all of the space you need or do you often find yourself longing for a little more room? Perhaps you want a home office, a space to entertain or relax or maybe somewhere to turn your hobby into something bigger? If you answered yes then a conservatory could be the perfect solution. With so many great benefits and a lot less hassle than a home extension, a conservatory can offer you more space in your own home. Interestingly, though, even if you do think your home is how you want it, and you hadn’t really thought it could get much better, you might also want to have a conservatory added - it can’t hurt, and in most cases, it’s going to enhance your home significantly.

So in either case, it’s important to take a look at the reasons to have a conservatory that we’ve listed out below, so you can see whether or not this is something to pursue; read on to find out more. 

Bringing Nature Indoors 

One of the best reasons to have a conservatory added to your home if you have the space and the budget, of course, is that it means you can bring nature indoors. That might sound like a strange thing to want to do, but the fact is that nature is soothing and calming, and studies have shown that it helps people relax. That’s why it’s a good idea to have houseplants dotted around, for example. If that’s a good idea, then having an entire conservatory in a place where you can sit and enjoy the view of the outside in peace, quiet, and comfort makes a lot of sense - it’s one step further, and it could really make a difference in your home and in your overall wellbeing. 

Because a conservatory has transparent walls and a clear roof, you’ll be able to see everything happening outside without any fear of getting cold or sunburned, bitten by insects, or anything else that you might not like about nature. In fact, when you’ve got a conservatory, you can enjoy nature without going outside, giving you the best of both worlds and the most comfort. 

A Secure Room

When you decide to have a conservatory built, you might worry that it’s not very secure - the clear roof and transparent walls we mentioned above might seem as though it would be easy for a burglar to get inside, and that might put you off the idea altogether. 

You don’t need to worry. As long as you do your research and use the right materials, such as polycarbonate sheets from Clearambershop.com, you’ll be able to make your conservatory just as secure as the rest of your home - perhaps even more so. The polycarbonate sheets we mentioned are clear, just like glass, but they’re much stronger, meaning they’re very difficult to break. Not only does that mean it’s harder for someone to get in from the outside, but you can also put your mind at ease if you’ve got children playing outside (or inside, for that matter), as they’ll be safer when it comes to accidents due to the glass that might previously have been installed if you chose a conservatory. All in mind, your conservatory can be a safe and secure addition to your home. 

A Versatile Living Space 

Another excellent reason for having a conservatory added to your home is that it will give you even more living space, and that living space will be truly versatile as well. If you were worried that you were running out of room in your home and you might have to move, a conservatory could solve that problem; having one installed means you can stay in your home and not have to spend so much money compared to moving house. Everyone can stay settled and comfortable, but you’ll have more space to use in any way you want to - it could be the perfect solution. 

A conservatory can be used for almost anything, and whether you need a dining room, a study, a playroom, or just a space to get away from it all and relax without any screens or noise, your conservatory can fit the bill. If you decorate it in the same way as the rest of your home, it will blend seamlessly and give you much more space to enjoy your home more comfortably. Plus, you can change how you use the conservatory when you need to, so it can evolve and grow with you and your family, being a useful and attractive space whenever you need it. 

Get More Natural Light 

Natural light is an important thing to have in your home, but some properties don’t seem built to allow for much of it at all. That can all change when you add a conservatory to your property, as you can really open up at least that one space, and potentially, depending on how you install it and where it is in your home, you might even be able to bring more natural light to other areas as well. 

When you do this, you’ll need far less artificial light during the day (and perhaps none at all, which is great for your energy bills and the planet), and it can have a truly positive effect on your overall well-being, your mental health, and your circadian rhythm, meaning you’ll find it easier to sleep and relax. Who knew a conservatory had so many health benefits attached? 

Increased Property Value 

It’s always important to do what you can to increase the value of your property, especially if you want to sell at some point in the future (although even if you don’t, you might want to remortgage or release equity, and the more your property is worth, the more you can borrow for whatever it is you want to do). One way to do this is to add a conservatory. 

A well-designed and attractive conservatory that brings in more light and gives you more room will definitely add some value to your property, especially since potential buyers often view conservatories as an attractive feature that they’ll be able to enjoy in their new home.

Would you ever consider adding a conservatory to your home and if so what do you think you would use it for? Let me know in the comments below.


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