Sunday 10 December 2023

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids - Toddlers to Teens 2023

 **Some of the items featured here are PR samples sent to me for the purpose of this feature. However, all words and opinions are my own.**

Are you looking for some gift ideas for those tricky to buy for teens or perhaps a child who seems to have everything? Then this is the list for you! I have compiled a large gift guide below packed full of guide ideas for kids of all ages from babies and toddlers all the way up to teens. 

I have tried to include products from a range of budgets so you should be able to find some great ideas whether you are looking for a main gift, stocking filler or gift for a family member or friend. 

Taf Toys North Pole Ball Drop Stacker

Simple toys are often the best and the ones most loved by younger children and this box stacker with a ball drop is perfect for children aged 6 months +. Made up of  3 individual boxes in a North Pole animal theme (perfect for Christmas), 2 colourful balls and 3 textured sensory balls the set encourages children to build a tower and drop the balls through the hole at the top of the boxes to watch it come through all the boxes. The boxes can be stacked in any way and it will work the same as long as the holes line up. 

Not only is this toy lots of fun it's a great educational and sensory toy too, teaching cause and effect as well as offering lots of sensory opportunity with the textured balls. opportunity

Kikkerland Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game

I love gifting wooden games and toys at Christmas for kids as I find they tend to last and last. This wooden fishing game from Kikkerland is a great option and is both fun and educational helping children recognise animals, fine-tune their concentration skills, and practice their fine motor skills too. The game requires children to use a chunky wooden frog and to "catch" all 11 animals with the frog's tongue which is a long piece of red string with a magnet on the end. It's lots of fun and perfect for kids aged 3+.

Connetix Magnetic Tiles set

If you are looking for a gift that a child will play with for years and years to come then you should definitely consider a Connetix set! The sets come in a variety of sizes and designs but I would encourage you to pick the largest set your budget can allow as that means you get more tiles and can be more creative. The set below is the Pastel creative set which contains 120 pieces in 8 pastel colours and a variety of shapes. The Connetix sets are great for STEAM learning as well as encouraging the development of fine motor skills and use of the imagination of course. 

The great thing about Connetix also is that as your child grows you can add more sets etc and all sets fit together. Connetix is aimed at children 3+ but even my 9 year old still love creating with  Connetix! 

Kikkerland On the Go Magnetic Shapes 

Perfect for kids on the go for at home, this handy little tin of magnetic shapes and pictures will kids entertained for ages. The set comes with 10 cardboard sheets each displaying a picture. The child then needs to use a variety of mixed magnetic shapes to recreate the picture, it is then all stored in the tin when not in use.

Jellystones Design Calm Down Bottle - Dino 

Fantastic for sensory-seeking kids this calm down bottle from Jellystones is great for children aged 3+ and allows you to create your own personalised sensory experience just by adding water to the tube. The calm down bottle measures around 21cm in length and is the perfect size for little hands plus it is easy to clean and sterilise too with sterilisable silicone caps that can hand washed or placed in the dishwasher 

The calm down bottle offers lots of therapeutic and calming benefits including helping children to self-regulate their breathing, and finding a sensory distraction or moment of tranquillity. This can be the perfect for your child is they often get anxious or overwhelmed.

Gel Blaster Surge 

Ideal for kids always on the go or who love playing outside, the award winning Gel Blaster surge takes competitive play to the next level! The Gel Blaster surge is a fun, easy to use and almost mess free fun way of playing these types of games, think airsoft but without the pain! 

The Gel Blester Surge uses water based "beads" that burst on impact leaving hardly any mess to clean up and as they burst on impact they don't hurt either. The beads are also eco friendly, non toxic and non irritating so you don't have to worry about where they are being used. To get the beads ready you just soak them in water for 2 hours before use. Ready to use straight from the box, kids will have loads of fun testing out the two modes of the blaster, "semi automatic" which shoots out 1 bead per pull, or "full automatic which shoots out 8 beads per second when you hold down the trigger. The kit contains everything you need including the blaster, 800 beads and a fast charging cable for when your blaster runs out, a pair of safety goggles and 10,000 more beads for even more battles! 

Bakerdays Personalised Brownies

Everyone loves a chocolate brownie right? What better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas than with a delicious box of personalised indulgent chocolate brownies they can even fit through the letterbox if you want to send them to someone who doesn't live with you or perhaps your kids want to send something to one of their best friends? You can choose from a variety of festive-themed images for your brownies and then personalise them with a name or message of your choice. 

Cheatwell Games Family Quiz Night

If you love a good quiz then this is the game for you. Featuring a fun range of questions over 8 different topics the game can be played either individually or as a kids vs adults scenario. Players simply take turns to answer the questions, moving forward when they are correct and the first one to the finish line wins. What is great about this game is it is tailored to be played by the whole family, kids and grown ups alike. This is because each question card features 2 questions, one for younger players and one for grown-ups so no question is too hard or too easy depending on who is playing. grown-ups

IMO Q5 Mobile Phone 

If you are looking for an affordable mobile or perhaps the perfect starter phone for a young teen then the IMO mobile range is the perfect place to start. Running on the Android 12 go software users can enjoy maximum performance and speed and with a 16 GB memory it has plenty of memory for all the pictures, texts and videos teens love so much. 

The IMO Q5 has all the latest features including face unlock and a 13mp rear camera as well as a 5mp front-facing camera. The 5.5" HD IPS display is also perfect for watching movies, playing games, or keeping updated on all the latest social media apps. With its 18:9 widescreen ratio, top-quality resolution, and edge-to-edge display, you’ll really be able to impress your friends!

Ant & Decs Limitless Win Board Game

Based on the popular ITV gameshow, you can now try your luck at home and see how far you might be able to get! Aimed at children aged 8+ each must answer trivia questions, each related to a number to climb further and further up the limitless money ladder. But you need to be careful, if you give an answer over the correct answer - you lose everything! With over 600 questions in the box you can play over and over again trying to improve your score each time. 


Babolat Pulsion Tour Tennis Racket 

If your child has recently taken up tennis or shown a keen interest in the sport, the Babolat Pulsion Tour tennis racket is a perfect beginner racket that would make a great gift this Christmas. Featuring a 16x20 string pattern that has been designed to generate control and spin, the 285g racket offers an effortless swing that is perfect for beginners. The Babolat Pulsion Tour racket also features a larger head size with s large "sweet spot" and exceptional power.

The racket is made up of a graphite composition frame and 3 different grip sizes. 

Hopefully, this post has helped you get some ideas on what gifts to get, please do leave us a comment if you have been inspired by any of these ideas then let us know in the comments below. 


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