Monday 11 December 2023

6 Ways to Cut the Cost of Christmas This Year

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Christmas can be expensive for us all, from decorations and presents to festive trips and parties, etc. The costs all add up and it can turn something to be excited about to something many adults stress about. This year with the cost of living crisis people are feeling the pinch even more so with many worried about paying bills and affording the basics and being left wondering how they are going to cover the extra costs of Christmas. However, there are a few things you could be doing to help cut the cost of Christmas to help you still enjoy the festive season this year.  

If the above sounds similar then you are not alone, keeping reading below to find 6 ways in which you could help reduce the cost of Christmas this year.  

Charity Shops and Online Marketplace 

As a frequent charity shop visitor myself I can never really understand the stigma that comes with gifting second hand. There are so many great things to find in charity shops if you take the time to look, many of which are as good as new, some even unused and brand new (complete with tags, etc!) From clothes and shoes to glassware, accessories, and even collectibles you will find lots of great gift ideas at a fraction of the cost of the shops and once wrapped most people wouldn't even realise.  

If you don't have a local charity shop you could also try online groups such as local selling groups or even a Marketplace on Facebook. Many people will list items they no longer want or need and these can make great gifts. Places like this can be especially good if you know what you are looking for as you can type in it and see what is available. For example, if your child likes designer clothes you can often find people or Marketplace selling these barely worn before being outgrown, at a fraction of the cost. Your child is unlikely to know the difference come Christmas morning and you won't be left out of pocket. 

Delicious deals with tastecard 

If like many, you have a few events planned with friends and family purchasing a tastecard can be a great investment to save you money over the festive period.  

tastecard is the UK's largest dining club, offering amazing discounts and restaurant offers on dining out, attractions, and even the cinema such as Prezzo, Burger King, Krispy Kreme and Beefeater. So it will be the ultimate secret savings weapon this season for any outing, whether you are planning to see the latest festive blockbuster (we recommend a trip to see Wonka), tastecard can save you plenty of money.  

tastecard has offers such as 2 for 1 and 25% or even 50% off at over 3500 restaurants, including chains and independents. You can even save when you are at home with pizza delivery! Make the most with family or friends when you are planning a trip this festive season. 

A tastecard membership is just £3.99 per month or £29.99 a year and you can cancel at any time! Plus, it could even make a great gift - stretch the savings into 2024 for a loved one so they can do more and save more!   

Suggest a Secret Santa  

If you have a large group of friends or a large family to buy for, things can get very expensive, even if you set a reasonable budget. With many of us feeling the pinch, I am sure many of the group/family would be on board with the suggestion of a secret Santa! It means you all pick at random one person to buy for, set a budget that everyone can afford, and then everyone in the group gets a nice, thoughtful gift. Not only does this mean you can concentrate on getting the person in question a really nice, personal gift, but it also means you can keep costs down too without anyone missing out. Just remember to set a budget so everyone knows the spending limit.  

Use Cashback sites 

Cashback sites are a great thing to use all year round but particularly come in handy over Christmas when you might find yourself doing more online shopping. Whilst the money may not be in your account in time for Christmas (although some sites might be possible), it will certainly help in January with the extra cash in your account coming in handy for that January slump.  

Have a Good Clear Out 

The run-up to Christmas is the perfect time to have a clear out, not only will it make some room for any gifts you might receive, but you may also find some bits that you could sell to make some extra cash for the big day. When doing my sorting I tend to have 3 bags, one for the bin, one to donate, and one to sell. If you have anything to sell, local selling pages found on sites such as Facebook can be perfect for this.  

Cash in Points and Save on Food 

Most supermarkets have points schemes nowadays such as Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and even Lidl. If you save your points up throughout the year it can turn into a nice little bit of savings, to spend on your big Christmas food shop or on gifts. If you haven't been saving up throughout the year there are still ways to save with supermarket points as most supermarkets will have some sort of Christmas offer. Morrisons is currently running a scheme where if you spend X amount for at least 4 of the next 6 weeks you get X amount off. If you are looking to do this the best thing to do is compare all the different offers, decide which one to do, and then try to do your shopping there to ensure you reach the goal and save money! 

The most important thing to remember is that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and that costs nothing! Don't feel pressured into spending more than you have (or want to) those who truly love you won't care, they will care more about your company, happiness, and health than any present. Also don't get sucked into the Christmas must-have, things like swapping turkey for a chicken can save a chunk of money on your Christmas dinner!  

Christmas is one day so try not to stress or overspend for the sake of one day or you might spend the rest of the year regretting it!  


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