Sunday 25 February 2024

The Best Places to Use Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

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When it comes to enhancing the freshness and style of our homes, we're always on the lookout for ways to spruce things up. That could be a fresh coat of paint on the walls or maybe even a new piece of furniture, but one key place people forget is the flooring! And let's face it, the flooring takes up a huge portion of any room so freshening up the flooring can make a huge impact in any room, plus it can make it more practical too. 

One of the latest ways of freshening up flooring is using Vinyl and that's because it has so many benefits including being practical in a family home and coming in lots of different designs! If you're considering vinyl plank flooring and wondering where to start, let's dive in.

Why Vinyl?

Quickstep Alpha Vinyl offers an affordable and easy-to-install option with a wide variety of styles and tones to choose from meaning most people can find a design that will fit in with the d├ęcor they already have. It's an excellent choice for achieving the freshness and style you desire with a clean, sleek look that suits most rooms in the home. 

It boasts superior moisture resistance and the ability to perfectly replicate expensive hardwood or stone flooring. This not only makes it a cost-effective alternative but also allows makes it perfect for familiesd with young children or even pets where spills and mess might be more likely to happen. You can even personalise each room in your home with different vinyl styles at an affordable price too. 

Three Distinct Categories

Vinyl flooring options fall into three distinct categories: plank, tile, and sheet.

Some of the Places you can Lay Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring is highly sought-after for kitchen spaces due to its high moisture resistance and durability. Spills are easily wiped away without causing permanent damage to the floor.

Unlike tile and hardwood, vinyl is comfortable underfoot and offers a bit of cushioning. Added safety is another bonus, as dropped items are less likely to break on vinyl flooring. While many desire the authentic look of tile or hardwood in a kitchen, vinyl provides a more practical and fully replicated alternative.


Given its ability to imitate other flooring types perfectly, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for wet areas like bathrooms.

Water-prone areas tend to accumulate the most flooring repairs, whether it's tile or ceramic. With vinyl, your subfloor is fully protected thanks to its seamless design. Just make sure not to leave excessive amounts of water on the surface for prolonged periods as with any flooring. 

Additionally, Quickstep Alpha Vinyl flooring offers superior comfort underfoot compared to ceramic or porcelain tiles.

With its affordability, durability, and versatile styles, vinyl flooring is a must-have element in home decor. Upgrade your living spaces with the timeless appeal and practicality of vinyl plank flooring.

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