Wednesday 28 February 2024

You'll Be Walking On Sunshine With These Top Tips For Attractive Home Solar Panels

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These days, the benefits of solar panels at home speak for themselves. As well as helping you to do your bit for a planet that needs all the help it can get, professional at-home solar panel installations can save homeowners up to 50-70% on their energy bills. Despite these benefits, less than 5% of houses in the UK have solar panels right now. The reasons for this vary but, in many instances, concerns over how solar panels will affect a property’s curb appeal are high on the list. 

Solar panels just don’t always look great and, while they do technically increase property value overall, many people in the UK still wouldn’t want to buy a house with this addition attached. That’s an off-putting fact, but what if we were to tell you that there are subtle ways to make solar panels look better?

Admittedly, this technology is still advancing, and to some extent, your solar panels will likely remain a little more visible than you might like. But, you can do a great deal to help your home look great regardless with these top tips for attractive home solar panels at last. 

Tip 1: Get smart about colour choices

Most commonly, you’ll find solar panels in either grey or black colour choices, but some companies now also offer solar panels in every colour of the rainbow, depending on your preferences. To make your solar panels look more attractive, think about things like the colour of your roof and your design choices overall when picking your panel colouring.

If you want subtle solar panels on a dark roof, then traditional black might be your best option. If you’d prefer high-contrast, funky solar panels, something like blue on a terracotta roof could be really eye-catching. Do bear in mind that colour will impact solar panel cost, especially if you’re going for a more niche brightly coloured look. But, if that additional cost buys you a solar panel finish that you’re sure to love, then you may well find that expense ends up paying for itself. 

Tip 2: Consider discreet installations

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This is your home, and your solar panels can be as obvious or as subtle as you like. While solar panels will be most efficient on the south side of your roof, you can put your panels to the back of your property, and make sure that they’re installed close together to take up minimum space. 

You can also ensure a more discreet solar panel finish by considering your different mounting options. Most installation companies will offer either bulky or ‘thin film’ mounting choices. Most bulky installations will require six or seven inches between the roof and panel, making installation far more obvious. By comparison, thin film mounts can be placed almost directly onto your roof, making them far less of an eyesore. 

Tip 3: Step into new solar skins

Solar technology is still very much in development, and solar skins, one of the latest industry advancements, can make a huge difference to solar panel appearances. Using a thin layer of film that’s placed across your solar panels, these skins are designed to look exactly like your roof. Admittedly, this change does come with a high price tag and some impact on panel efficiency right now, but if appearances are preventing you from taking the solar leap, they could still be a good compromise. 

Tip 4: Go for a ground-mounted option

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If you really hate the idea of placing solar panels on your roof for all of the world to see, why not consider ground-mounted solar panels instead? We won’t lie to you – these aren’t an easy invisible fix. In fact, ground-mounted panels are significantly more of an eyesore on the surface. 

But, for homeowners with a lot of land and the ability to tuck this addition away in a corner, ground-mounting can keep solar panels out of sight and out of mind. You certainly won’t risk everyone being able to see the impact solar panels have on your property itself. Ground-mounted solar panels that you can hide away also have the benefit of being generally more efficient thanks to a variety of installation options that roof installations don’t have. Do note, though, that you will pay around 15-20% more for this option, and will likely require planning permission before you can get started. 

Solar panels can send your home’s efficiency soaring. Simply make sure that they leave you walking on sunshine by considering these simple ways to make your solar panels look stunning!


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