Sunday 3 March 2024

Symbolic Jewellery: The History and How to Wear it

 Accessories such as jewellery are a great way to change or complement a look, in fact, that can totally change the look and feel of an outfit taking it from office to party or the other way round! But picking the right accessories is crucial and when choosing it can often feel a little daunting knowing what to pick or how to style pieces. Many options work for lots of possible styles, but some accessories don’t get the recognition they deserve. Symbolic jewellery is what gave birth to accessorizing but somehow lost favour along the way. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about symbolic jewellery and give you some tips on how to style it in your daily life. Read along and get ready to rock some meaningful pieces.

The beginning of jewellery

The beginning of jewellery traces back to ancient civilizations where it served not only as an accessory but also held rich symbolic significance. From amulets and talismans believed to offer protection to intricate religious symbols showing faith and spirituality, jewellery has always been a way of expressing identity and conveying messages. However, in modern times, the focus on symbolism in jewellery is not as much of a priority as trendy and fashionable accessories are flooding the market. Despite this, symbolic jewellery remains a powerful form of self-expression, allowing anyone to communicate their beliefs, values, and stories through wearable art.

Day-to-day styling

When it comes to day-to-day styling, incorporating symbolic jewellery into your wardrobe can add depth and meaning to your looks. Whether it's a pendant featuring a meaningful symbol, like the Irish pendants here: "Celtic Pendants & Necklaces" or a bracelet engraved with an inspirational quote, these pieces can be daily reminders of what matters most to you. Symbolic jewellery doesn't have to be extravagant or flashy, as it usually is the subtle touches that make the most impact. Layering delicate necklaces with symbolic charms or stacking dainty rings with engraved messages can easily elevate your look while adding that symbolic meaning to your accessory game.

Occasion-based symbolic jewellery

For special occasions or milestone moments in life, choosing some special symbolic jewellery can add an extra layer of sentimentality to your outfit. Whether it's a graduation, wedding, or anniversary, choosing pieces that represent growth, love, or achievement can add to the importance of the event. For example, a necklace featuring a Tree of Life pendant can symbolize growth and strength, making it a fitting choice for a graduation gift. At the same time, a pair of earrings that feature infinity symbols can represent eternal love and commitment, making them a perfect accessory for a wedding day.

By picking symbolic jewellery that works with the occasion, you can adapt your fashion style to the big events in your life and make them even more personal and unique.


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