Friday 30 August 2019

FlipaZoo World Toys **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Its safe to say that Evelyn is a bit of a fan of soft cuddly toys, in fact she can barely get into bed thanks to her huge collection of soft toys that live at the end of her bed. So you can imagine how excited she was when she received a very cuddly delivery a few weeks back.

Inside the delivery were some very soft very cute toys from FlipaZoo world. In case you haven't heard of FlipaZoo World toys they are a collection of imagination inspiring toys included plushies and tactile toys. These cute, quirky and fun toys are hiding a little secret, each plush or toy contains not one but two characters and each toy will reveal its secret character with a simply fun "flip"!

Inside our delivery we received three different products to try out, the 16 inch plush, the 8 inch plush and a FlipaZoo vehicle. Of course Evelyn's instantly fell in love with the huge FlipaZoo unicorn which was first to burst out of the box (and its easy to see why, its just so cute!).

This FlipaZoo plush flips between being a unicorn to being a dragon and then of course back again. Flipping between the characters is so easy, it really is a case of just pulling the body over the head to "flip" your character. It's so easy in fact that after showing her once, Evelyn had mastered flipping her FlipaZoo plush all by herself and she absolutely loved it.

It definitely adds a new imaginative element to play when using the plushies and I love hearing the little stories she has made up using them and incorporating the "flip" into her stories. Its also like having two new soft toys in one and since Evelyn's bed is definitely running out of room that's a win win for us as her new FlipaZoo plushies live at the bottom of her bed and the four characters only take up the space of two.

There are 6 different varieties available in the larger (16in) plush size and four varieties in the smaller (8in) plush. One thing we all noticed with the plush toys is how soft they are! They are perfect for cuddling up to, a good job really as Evelyn hasn't wanted to put hers down and despite having the flip feature there are no rough seems. The whole plush is so soft and cuddly just what we look for in a soft toy.

We also received the FlipaZoo Flip Over Vehicle which include a Jolly the Giraffe FlipaZoo figure and the Safari Truck. The set is aimed at children aged 3+ and I worried that it may be a little too young for Evelyn to really enjoy as she has just turned 5. However I was definitely wrong, she loved this little playset and has spent lots of time using it to transport Jolly the Giraffe to various parts of her play house, as well as using it for her L.O.L Surprise dolls too!

Just like the plush toys above the vehicle set also has a surprise hidden within its "flip". The flip over vehicle actually changes from safari truck to animal! In our case it changed from the green safari truck to a giraffe with a simple flip of the back of the truck.

The car itself in this set is made from a hard plastic whilst the back of the truck is made from a soft bendable rubber which allows you to flip it over and pull it over the car to create the giraffe. The mini FlipaZoo character that comes with this set also changes from giraffe to pink hippo so there is so much more to this playset than we had first thought!

There are 3 FlipaZoo vehicle to collect including Jolly Giraffe and Safari truck (shown here), Sparky Dragon and Fire Engine and Frosty Bear and Ice Cream Van. I definitely think Evelyn will be adding the other sets to her Christmas list this year.

The FlipaZoo range is available from Character Online where you will find the full range of FlipaZoo toys including those shown above and many more. Prices start at just £4.99 up to £19.99 for the largest plush toys.

Are your kids fans of soft toys too? Which of the FlipaZoo designs do you think they would love the most?

** I received these Flipazoo products for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post.**

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