Friday 30 August 2019

National Geographic - Mini Dig Kits **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

You may have noticed that over the last few months we have been sharing with you some of the fantastic toys available in the S.T.E.M range from National geographic. That's because we were very lucky to be picked as Bandai S.T.E.M ambassadors. It has given us the chance to try out lots of great products and share them with you including building our own volcano, growing our own crystals and even  .

Today we have another fun new product to share with you, mini dig kits!

We received three mini dig kits which were "Dino Poop", "Treasure" and "Shark Tooth" with each kit containing a genuine and fascinating specimen inside. Each kit also comes with your own mini dig tool which has a scraper one side and a brush the other to help you extract the specimen carefully.

Whilst these kits are similar to the larger dig kits we have reviewed before these are slightly different in the fact they are much smaller and each kit contains one specimen, rather than the three specimens inside the larger kits. However this does make them much easier to pop in your bag or take with you when traveling to keep the kids entertained.

The kids had lots of fun with these kits and loves excavating their very own genuine specimens. They worked really well carefully scraping away and then using the brush end of the tool to extract the specimen once they could see it.

Here is what we found inside each kit -

Evelyn was most excited about the "treasure" as soon as she saw the glittering through the plaster she couldn't wait to dig it out! The treasure she actually had found was a large chunk of Pyrite and whilst it looked a little dull in the plaster, as soon as we ran it under a little water the Pyrite really did look like a shimmering precious stone and is so glittery.

Whilst James couldn't wait to get stuck into the shark tooth kit. He is so fascinated by sharks (well any sea creatures really) and has a few shark teeth in his collection already. He couldn't wait to add another one and see what kind of tooth he would uncover in this kit.

The shark tooth he found was a fantastic specimen and as he worked so hard being really carefully getting it out it came out perfectly. It is such a good specimen you can see all the little details on the tooth including the serrated edges of it, it looks super sharp!

It is worth noting that these kits can get really dusty so if you are worried about mess it might be worth setting these kits up on a tray or table to contain any mess. However it is worth noting that it is only plaster and so is easily cleaned or wiped away with just water. If you want to try and contain some of the dust we found getting the product wet before you start digging really helped.

Each kit took the kids around 40 minutes to get through but they have spent lots of time since then too, examining their specimens and researching about fossils and where their specimens have come from. At £4.99 each I think these kits are great value and have really sparked the kids interest in the specimens and the past.

There are five mini dig kits to collect in total including the three shown above as well as the Gemstone Mini Dig Kit and Fool's Gold Mini Dig Kit. I definitely think the kids will be adding the other kits to their Christmas lists judging by how much fun they had with these! 

Are their any kits here that have caught your eye? 


**We received these products for the purpose of this review as Bandai S.T.E.M ambassador. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.** 

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