Sunday 5 January 2020

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Kids?

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When children are young, it’s important that they are exposed to as many different learning environments as possible. This means that sometimes they need to get out of the classroom from time to time and explore different ways of learning. Lots of children, unfortunately don’t have access to a safe outdoor environment where they can play and explore freely, which is why it’s vital that schools provide this opportunity for them. 

An independent school in Surrey has been exploring some of the benefits of outdoor learning for children below. 

First and foremost, outdoor learning allows teachers to make use of all of the school resources, both in and outside of the classroom. This helps them appeal to a variety of interests amongst their students and engages different types of learners; it would be wrong to assume that all students enjoy reading and writing, some prefer to experiment and explore. 

Learning outdoors also helps students to develop a level of respect towards the environment as they begin to understand how the world works. Children will have direct contact with insects, plants and animals, as well as things like the weather and different seasons. What’s more, outdoor learning allows them to develop their physical capabilities by exercising and getting some fresh air.

Experiencing the great outdoors is a useful way to show children how complex the world is; not everything matches up completely to what can be read about in books. This helps students develop critical thinking skills and realistic expectations.  

As parents its also important that we help continue that learning at home, discovering some outdoor learning techniques in our own time to help your child with their overall learning. You could try teaching them how to read a map or even set up your own little vegetable patch at home, enabling children to learn all about where our food comes from and how it grows. The great thing about outdoor learning if you really don't need much space, you can grow veggies in small spaces and outdoor learning isn't just confined to your home space. 

If these aren’t options, a stroll through your local forest will also be beneficial to your child; you can lookout for different types of wildlife and teach them the names of each of the trees you spot. 

Does your child prefer learning in the classroom or outdoors? 


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