Monday 10 February 2020

3 Ways to Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

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It’s so important for us to spend time outdoors. For most of us, it gives us the opportunity to escape the confines of our homes, get some fresh air and connect with nature around us. When we're indoors, we feel sometimes feel obligated to finish that washing up, hoover up or tidy away the toys. Not only this but when we are away from overcrowded urban areas and we finally find the quiet and solitude of nature, we can quieten down our thoughts. We reconnect with ourselves and with our families. 

As I mentioned in my previous blog all about the educational benefits of the outdoors, nature is also a crucial element towards our children’s education. 

However, wouldn’t it be great to feel that sense of escapism within the home? Something that would lessen the tension of your to-do list and overall improve the calming ambience of your home? Well, one way to do this is to install a nature-inspired wallpaper. Read on to find out three wallpapers to bring the outdoors into the home. 

  1. Woodland Wallpaper 
One of my most favourite memories of spending time in nature is walking through a sunlit, luscious green forest. So by installing a woodland wallpaper into my home, I would certainly feel the utter tranquillity of nature. The beauty of forest wall murals is that it’s easy to find décor to complement them.

White furniture, with touches of natural wood, is a fantastic way to reflect the elements of nature from the wallpaper. It also does not create too much colour and pattern that could risk drawing attention away from the gorgeous woodland mural. Not only this, you can find woodland murals set at different times of the year. You can choose from snowy forests, red autumn leafed woodlands or fresh, leafy green trees. The choice is yours. Woodland murals are really treemendous! 

  1. Mountain Wallpaper 
There are those of us who may find more solace and peace high in the quiet mountains. The only sounds you can hear are your own breath and the faint sound of a bird chirping high above you. Mountain wallpapers can vary as much as the various mountains on our beautiful planet. Admire the stunning views of the Lake District or high in the fir tree-covered Yosemite National Park. Or relish in the sunset-drenched views of Mount Kilimanjaro peeking its head over the mist of clouds. 

Depending on whether you want your décor to reflect the country of your mountain wallpaper or not, don’t use clashing colours or too much pattern. If you buy a Scottish Highlands mountain wall mural, choose a range of tartan room accessories such as curtains or an armchair. 

  1. Beach Wallpaper 
Do you live on the coast? Would you rather feel the sand beneath your toes than walking through a forest or hiking up a mountain? Then a gorgeous beach wallpaper could be for you. From tropical, palm tree-studded white sands or rocky, stormy coasts, there’s such an eclectic range of beach murals available.

Keep décor simple and bring added natural touches into the room by finding driftwood furniture such as lamps or a coffee table. You’ll certainly feel like a beach babe/dude once you’ve finished your beach inspired home. 

Are you a woodland walk, beach dweller or mountain adventurour kind of person? Which of these wallpapers would you like in your home? 


**This is a collaborative post.**


  1. Beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. The wood one in particular is beautiful, reminds me of centre parcs x

  2. that woodland wallpaper is beautiful! i might look at putting this up in my beauty salon shed!

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  4. There are really some beautiful wallpapers on this website. I would love to have a beautiful sunset or trees scene in my kitchen.

  5. I love the idea of having wallpaper like this and think it would look fab in my bedroom

  6. A wonderful way to ensure you get that outdoors feeling but from the warmth and comfort of your home

  7. These are some lovely ways to think about bringing the outside in. I love the idea of having some forest type wallpaper that would be so awesome!

  8. These wallpapers are gorgeous! I love the woodland one best, it reminds me of some fantastic holidays we've had. Kaz