Sunday 9 February 2020

L.O.L Surprise Furniture Packs **REVIEW**


L.O.L Surprise has taken the UK by storm in the last few years, with their miniature collectible dolls including big sisters, little sisters and even a range of L.O.L Surprise pets. These adorable collectibles have taken over toy stores and kids bedrooms everywhere including our home! 

Evelyn has quite the collection now and they are definitely her most played with toy of all time. I love seeing her play with the dolls, her little imagination coming to life through the dolls and all their tiny accessories. But when she heard about a new series coming out, the L.O.L Surprise Furniture packs which contain not only the dolls, but furniture and accessories too she couldn't wait to add some to her collection. 

The L.O.L Surprise Furniture packs are a completely new way of unboxing your L.O.L Surprise with lots more surprises too! The furniture packs come in a shiny metallic cardboard box which unfolds when you remove the lid. Be careful with the box though as this will double up as an extra surprise later on too! 

Inside the furniture packs you will find one L.O.L Surprise big sister as well as a range of furniture items. There are 4 different sets to collect in each series with each doll coming with a different furniture item from cars and trailers to make up tables and even a hair salon set. 

As I mentioned above the unboxing for these sets is slightly different, not least because they come in boxes instead of the traditional balls that the dolls usually come in. But also because the boxes themselves double up as a backdrop for enhanced play too. But fear not, the packaging may be different on the outside, but inside you will find the classic L.O.L Surprise blind bags and inside each of the furniture packs you will find over 10 surprises in each set. 

Unlike the L.O.L Surprise balls, where what is inside is a complete surprise, the furniture packs clearly show you on the front of the packaging what will be inside include the doll and furniture items. So whilst this does take away a bit of the "surprise" element, my daughter loved being able to choose the doll and furniture she wanted each time. 

This also meant it takes away the chance of getting a duplicate doll and spending lots of money trying to complete a collection. It also makes the packs ideal for gift ideas as you can ask people for specific sets so your child can collect them all (I know this is Evelyn's plan!). Plus if you have been trying to complete a collection, or your child has been desperately searching for one particular doll, now could be a good chance to grab it. 

We opened up the "Can Do Baby" furniture pack which came with the doll, accessories and the coolest little car and trailer we have ever seen, I think Evelyn's face says it all! 

As with past series of L.O.L Surprise we absolutely love all the little details that have been thought of when creating these dolls. The teeny tiny clothes and shoes, the hair accessories and adorable facial features on each doll. But the details have most definitely be continued over to the furniture too. The car is amazing and even comes with two interchangeable car accessories (a pair of fluffy dice and a tree air freshener). 

Once we had unpackaged everything Evelyn couldn't wait to get playing, here is our doll and complete set. 

Isn't it a great set!? I also thought it was a fantastic idea to have the box transform into a playset/backdrop giving yet another fun aspect to these dolls. The boxes fold and unfold really easily, meaning if you wanted to you can actually store each doll and their accessories back inside the box after each play if you want to. 

Each box transform into a play set relevant to the accessories you receive, so in this set we received a box with a road on it based around a fuel/petrol station. Other sets include a bedroom, a hair salon and even a beach festival scene.

Evelyn did find it a little bit tricky to get her doll sat in the car and since their legs don't "bend" essentially our doll doesn't actually "sit" in the car. However that didn't really bother Evelyn and once she was in Evelyn really didn't mind. The miniature car trailer on the back is also the perfect size for a little sister or maybe even a small pet too! 

Overall we absolutely love these sets and can't wait to add more to our collection. Its the same, much loved L.O.L Surprise dolls but with the added bonus of furniture too. Evelyn is hoping to eventually collect all of the sets and kit out her dolls house, which she uses to play with her L.O.L Surprise dolls in complete L.O.L furniture. And at just £15 per set, we think these packs are fantastic value for money. 

Are your children fans of L.O.L Surprise dolls and will you be adding any of these furniture packs to your collection? 


**We received the L.O.L Surprise Furniture packs for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. This is such a cute set! I like that there are so many different parts of it, that children can put together, such as the outfit of the doll. The little car is adorable.

  2. I have heard so much about LOL dolls, but not about the furniture packs these looks like great fun and definitely something my daughter would have loved x

  3. My daughter loves her LOL dolls, can't wait to get her some of these to play with!

  4. My kids have just got in to these. It’s their birthdays coming up so I might have to check these out x

  5. I keep meaning to get some for my nephews but haven’t seen any boyish ones as yet. This is such a cool set - love the little pull along too and the outfit- great detail. I guess knowing what she is getting is a bonus.

  6. That's so cool that there are plenty of accessories for them now as they are everywhere and I'm sure loads of kids have them x

  7. I love the little car, what a brilliant set. Very different when they aren't a complete surprise, but this is obviously an advantage for not duplicating. A nice addition for the LOL family of toys, and many hours of fun.

  8. Ooo how lovely are these. My friends twins birthdays are coming up, so I may get them these as gifts xx

  9. The girls are big LOL fans . They have pretty much all the stuff . I’ve not come across these ones so will definitely pick some up for them

  10. Mellissa Williams12 February 2020 at 09:54

    These look like such cool collectables - the LOL Surprise range is getting so big and full of such fun stuff!

  11. These look like such fab sets! My kids love the LOL Surprise range so will be super excited to see these new additions.

  12. My youngest loves the LOL boys dolls and he is always looking for more. I think he'd still get a kick out of these packs with the furniture, even if the dolls are girls.