Saturday 8 February 2020

Top Family Shows Coming to Bristol for 2020

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Not only is the theatre a fun, unforgettable experience for children, but it is also educational and enriching. You can find shows to make you laugh, cry, cheer and that bring you together, making it an ideal family day out in Bristol. From world-class family shows to more local performances, there is a huge variety of family shows coming up in Bristol during the summer season. 
To discover what Bristol has to offer and compare ticket prices, visit best-tickets.co.uk, which provides an extensive list of shows in Bristol and across other cities in the UK. Here are a few of the most exciting family shows coming to Bristol: 

Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever

Whether your child is hooked to the award-winning animated TV show or can sing along to every song from her 2019 album, Peppa Pig, the ubiquitous animated pig, has captured the imaginations of children all over the world. Excitingly, our favourite pink furry friend is coming to the Bristol Hippodrome on the 15th and 16th of July in a live stage production, Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever! 

As the title suggests, Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever follows one of Peppa’s many exciting adventures with her fellow family members George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. However, her best day ever doesn't go quite as she had planned! Finding herself in a fantastical world full of flying dragons, enchanting castles and hilarious dinosaurs, Peppa bumps into all the usual suspects including Mr Bull, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and Pedro Pony. Featuring impressive life sized animals costumes, fun songs and energetic games, the wonderful, animated world of Peppa Pig really will come to life on stage and you can also enjoy a family day out along with Peppa!  
Wallace & Gromit The Wrong Trousers and Live Orchestra

Wallace & Gromit, the award-winning clay animated comedy series produced by Bristol born animator Nick Park, has become iconic in British culture and is enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Although it's been awhile since we’ve seen our favourite clay friends perform, on 31st May at the Bristol Hippodrome, Wallace & Gromit return to their Bristol home with a live concert! An unique interactive experience, Wallace & Gromit features specially animated films clips accompanied by an incredible live orchestra. 

Experience Wallace performing his innovative new musical composition, My Concerto in Ee Lad, alongside his loyal pal Gromit.  A truly cracking show which can be enjoyed by the entire family, Wallace & Gromit Live will be a Grand Day out! 

Billionaire Boy 

Originally a popular children’s novel by the award-winning author David Waillims, Billionaire Boy has been transformed into a hilarious, high octane musical. Directed by the critically acclaimed Neal Foster, who also brought us Horrible Histories, Billionaire Boy features silly, laugh-out-loud comedy, dazzling choreography, and an energetic musical score composed by the song-writing team behind Girls Aloud and the Sugababes .

Billionaire Boy follows the eccentric, hilarious story of Joe Spud, who, thanks to his father’s successful invention Bum Fresh, is the richest boy in the world. When Joe switches his posh school for the local comprehensive, he learns the hard way that money doesn't buy you happiness, or friends. As part of its extensive UK tour, Billionaire Boy is stopping at the Bristol Hippodrome from the 21st-24th October 2020. Do you have any exciting trips to the theatre planned this year? Or any shows you would love to see? xXx **This is a collaborative post.**


  1. Some fantastic shows heading to Bristol, my children would be happy to see any of these.

  2. That is definitely something to look forward to - I think it would have to be all 3 for most people with littleuns, as how would you choose one?

  3. Wow you have a lot to look forward too and my nephew is a huge fan of David Walliams books, so I am sure he would love to see Billionaire Boy x

  4. My nephew loved Peppa, he would enjoy that. We'd really love it if we could see a Thomas live show again.

  5. Wow some lovely shows to take the kids too. I have Frozen booked for the end of the year when it comes out to London and Matilda in a few weeks, but other than that I don't have anything else planned x

  6. Each of my kids would love one of those shows. I used to take Theo to the theatre loads when we lived in London but haven't thought about since we moved up to Cheshire. Feeling inspired now to have a look and see what's on.

  7. Oh some great family shows there. I suspect mine would enjoy the Wallace and Gromet one, there is always a lot of comedy with those two! Mich x

  8. These shows look fab for kids! I'd love to see Billionaire Boy, it sounds brilliant and I've always loved the Horrible Histories performances!

  9. These sound fab! I have a good friend who lives in Bristol so think I might see if she fancies taking our little ones along to one of these!

  10. Wow, it looks like 2020 certainly has some great family shows coming to town.

  11. I love taking the kids to the theatre, I think Billionaire Boy would be their choice to go and watch