Saturday 8 February 2020

5 Reasons to Have Carpet Cleaning Done in Your Home

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We might be feeling the full effects of the cold weather and winter right now, but before we know it spring will be here and I for one have already started thinking about my big spring clean! It's a good chance for me to get the house a bit more organised after the busy festive season (and all the new toys and games the kids have been given!) finding everything a home and having a good deep clean! 

Of course, I try to keep on top of the general day to day tasks like hoovering, cleaning the bathroom etc. But I find the spring a great time to do some bigger cleaning tasks I wouldn't usually have time for such as freshening up and paint work and getting the oven and carpets cleaned. 

Getting the carpets cleaned can be a great way to freshen up the whole home and make every room smell fresh and clean, especially if like us you had a real Christmas tree and are still finding pine needles in February! If you haven't considered booking in for your carpets to be cleaned yet, here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting your carpets cleaned this spring. 

Health Benefits
You may not automatically put together your carpets and your health but having your carpets cleaned regularly can actually have many health benefits for everyone in your home. Our carpets are great at trapping dirt, debris, bacteria and dust as well as allergens too. These all get trapped within the carpet and can cause havoc for people with asthma or sinus issues if not removed from your carpet. 

To really remove all these things it is advised to use a professional company such as Precision Carpet Cleaners who can advise on the best course of action and cleaning for your carpets. They have years of experience and their technicians are all fully certified by the National Carpet Cleaners Association, so you know your carpets are in good hands!

Pets and Kids!
What is it they say... "don't work with pets or kids"? Well I think the same applies to carpet, they just don't seem to mix! Of course, we can't keep our children or pets off the carpet (and wouldn't want to either)! But pets can bring in lots of mud, germs and other items on their feet which sinks down into the carpet. A good steam carpet clean can help lift not only the dirt out but the smell too, let's face it we all know how much that wet dog smell can linger!

The same goes with kids, they run in from the garden and totally forget their shoes (usually covered in mud) which sinks into the carpet too and can be really stubborn to remove. Also, kids young kids especially tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, crawling, learning to walk and just generally playing. Having your carpet regularly professionally cleaned ensures the carpet is as clean and fresh as can be for your little ones. 

Extends the life of your carpet
Did you know that by treating your carpets to a good clean occasionally can actually extend the life of your carpets? Yep that's right, whilst you may have to pay out to have your carpets cleaned initially it could be adding months, even years to the life of your carpet.

If you took out a warranty on your carpet you may even find that carpet cleaning is part of the warranty and you will need to have your carpet regularly cleaning ensure the warranty stays valid. It also keeps your carpets look fresh, new and most importantly fluffy, we all love a fluffy new carpet right?

Get rid of stubborn stains
We all day it when we get new carpets... I am going to look after these! No stains will be happening here because we will all remove our shoes, no eating, drinking or crafting in this room! But let's face it, life happens. After a while we dash through the carpet with our shoes on or let the kids eat a snack on the carpet and before you know it there's a session or art attack happening on your living room floor and the kids are eating their lunch off the carpet! Ok Ok so maybe a bit extreme but you know what I mean, even with the best intentions, stains happen and they can be very frustrating.

When you purchase carpets for your home, they aren't cheap and can be a real investment, so you don't want to have the dilemma of either living with a stain or fitting new carpets. But did you know that lots of good carpet cleaning companies can remove really stubborn stains that "at home" methods just couldn't budge. It means you can get rid of the stain and save yourself some cash in the process too. 

Freshens up the whole house
Let's face it, smells linger! And even when we stop smelling them, we worry that any visitors or guests might. From food smells, to spillages, pets to stinky shoes all homes have smells they rather wouldn't.

Whilst air fresheners and room sprays might temporarily remove the smell, the fact is that smells sink down into our carpets and upholstery and can really linger. The only real way to eliminate really stubborn odours is a deep clean which includes your carpets too.

Do you regularly get your carpets cleaned in your home? Does it help?


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