Tuesday 4 February 2020

L.O.L Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls **REVIEW**


L.O.L Surprise is everywhere and the adorable collectible dolls and pets are at the top of most birthday and Christmas lists for kids of all ages. But there is a new L.O.L Surprise product hitting the shelves which might just make this brand even more lovable and collectible than before!  

The new L.O.L Surprise OMG Fashion dolls look similar in features to the previous L.O.L Surprise dolls, but with twist... these dolls are large and more Barbie size that the traditional palm size dolls we are used to. But fear not they still come with all the same great features, tons of surprises too and have fast become one of Evelyn's favourite products yet. 

The new L.O.L Surprise OMG Fashion Dolls are a similar size to a Barbie in height and size. But that's where the similarities end really, because these dolls have so much more detail, have articulated body parts and come with a whole host of surprises. Whilst the OMG dolls may look different to the previous L.O.L Surprise big sister dolls, they still have the same surprise element and same great features. What's more is that these dolls actually belong to the families of the smaller L.O.L Surprise dolls so everyone links in together to create even larger families than before. 

Each of the OMG Dolls comes with 20+ surprised and Evelyn absolutely adores them, she was more than a little excited to open her new doll and see who was inside!

We found Busy B.B who is the big sister of "Can do baby" from the L.O.L Surprise series.

Unlike the L.O.L Surprise balls where who you find is a complete surprise, the OMG dolls come in their own boxes with the name of the characters written on the side of the box. I think this is a great ideas and means that your child can collect the whole series without any worries of duplicates (or the added cost). The unboxing is still lots of fun though and Evelyn was so excited to reveal her doll when she slid open the box to find her doll. 

 The OMG sisters are fierce fashionistas who know style, fashion and each have their own personalities and full range of accessories. 

The box itself is designed to replicate a changing room & closet space complete with its own mirror and changing room door. I love this idea as it means there is minimum wastage when it comes to packaging plus it creates another playset/space for Evelyn to use her dolls in. It also made it fun to unbox too and every little detail has been thought of, even for the box. 

Inside the box you will find your doll (already wearing her underwear) as well as two storage tubs/ hat boxes, two clothing hangers/bags containing the dolls outfit as well as a hair brush, blind bag containing an accessory for your doll and a small magazine telling you your new dolls star sign. 

As I mentioned above, the detail and thought that has gone into these dolls really is amazing and has really enhanced imaginative play and the whole experience for my daughter. I think we often forget that kids really do notice the little details and my daughter loved finding all the small details on these OMG dolls that made them so lovable, fun and exciting.  

From the necklace and earring to the handbag and keychain on her outfit, even the boxes containing the items were super detailed and perfect for keeping after unboxing to use in play.

Whilst the dolls are definitely different to previous L.O.L Surprise dolls, you still get the same surprise element with the OMG dolls with several packages to open to reveal different surprises to kit your doll out. Evelyn loved opening up the little blind bags to discover what her doll would be wearing and it made the process of opening the doll take a little longer which is always great.

Once we had unpackaged everything Evelyn took her time getting her new doll all dressed up. Its worth noting here that the clothes fit "snuggly" and can be a little tight to get on, especially for younger ones. Evelyn was fine with the shoes and accessories but did need a bit of help getting the main outfit on her doll. I imagine this will get easier as she plays with the doll but it may be worth lending a hand the first few times to ensure nothing gets broken or damaged. 

The plastic hangers that come with the clothes were a lovely touch too and Evelyn has been using these to "hang up" her dolls clothes each night when she goes to bed.

Evelyn is so pleased with her new doll and loves that her hands, shoulders and hips are all articulated so she can be moved and posed when playing (Evelyn has had her dancing, riding a pony and doing a spot of gymnastics to name a few!). She also loves that the dolls have "real" hair that she can style herself to make her doll look like her. 

These dolls are so much fun and so detailed I know for sure Evelyn will be playing with these dolls for a while to come! She has played with it every day since she got it and has already started asking when she can get another one and working out who she wants.

I think the OMG Dolls are fantastic and I can see them being a huge hit with kids of all ages as they are just so cute and stylish too. Yes they are a little more expensive than previous series of L.O.L Surprise dolls, but these dolls are huge in comparison and Evelyn has found them so much fun.

Busy B.B, who we found, is part of Series 2 and there are four dolls to collect in the series (there are also four different dolls to collect in series 1 too). The other dolls in this series include Candylicious, Miss Independent and Alt Grrrl.

The L.O.L Surprise Series 2 OMG Dolls are priced at £31.99 and available from Smyths Toy Store as well as many good toy stores.

Which is your favourite doll from the OMG series so far?


**We received the L.O.L Surprise OMG doll for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. I love the sound of this one. My girls love them but love barbies too.

    This is a great combination of 2 very popular toys in our house x

  2. These dolls look great my Daughter would have loved these when she was younger and how cute is that shoe box

  3. The doll looks so stylish and detailed, I love her curls. It's so cute that it comes with so many accessories, kids must love being able to dress her up.

  4. She looks absolutely delighted, she is just radiating happiness! I have a niece that would love these dolls, I think she'd like this one for the braids.

  5. These are so cute! My girls are currently obsessed with LOL surprise dolls and I am sure they would love this one.

  6. These dolls look great! I love that they come with so many different accessories and have that attention to detail with the shoe box etc.
    C x

  7. We saw these at Camp Bestival and Eliza fell in love. She has birthday money to spend so I think these may be on the cards

  8. These really are everywhere aren't they?! But it's nice that they do larger versions so you can have even more fun with them x

  9. Aww, you can see from the delighted look on her face just how much she loves this doll! How lovely.

  10. Lessie loves the LOL stuff . These are so cute . She will definitely be asking for these for her birthday:)

  11. I am happy that I came across this review. I have a niece who will be celebrating her 6th birthday this June. I will get her this doll. I have lots of time to find this doll at the store or order them online. I love the doll clothes. So fashionable!

  12. Kristine Nicole Alessandra6 February 2020 at 23:34

    Thanks for the review. Your daughter sure looks like she loves this new doll. I wish they had this when my daughter was that age. Well, if I do get a granddaughter in the future, I will definitely get her one.

  13. I would have loved this doll as a girl. The fact there is a dressing room and shoes boxes, it is devine! Mich x

  14. I love that they have made a larger version doll, perfect for growing tweens and much easier for them to play and interact with

  15. That doll looks absolutely amazing and she looks so adorable playing with it. I'm sure my youngest would've enjoyed this.