Thursday 30 April 2020

5 Ways You Could Be Saving Money

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We'd all love a little extra money in our back pockets right? But sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to work any more and when money comes in it is quickly swallowed up by bills and essentials right? 

But there could be simple and easy ways you could be saving money without even realising it! It can be hard to see the benefits of doing something when it only saves a small amount but its really important to remember that those small amounts all add up. If you save small amounts regularly you could soon find yourself with a little extra cash without even really realising it. 

Here are some of my top tips on how you could be easily saving money in our daily lives with simple changes or adaptions. 

Cut back on non essentials

It can be so easy to grab extra's when we shop or pop into a convenience store when we need something and end up coming out with things we didn't need. However have you ever sat down and actually added up all the non essential spending you do? I did recently and honestly it was a real eye opener! A meal deal here, a cold can of coke there, extra chocolate or crisps in my weekly shop, the list goes on! But when I actually added up that spending over just one month I realised it was basically the equivalent of another weekly shop and since its only ever small amount I hadn't even realised.

Of course it's important to treat yourself from time to time that isn't what I am saying, but be more mindful about what you are spending and really think about whether you really need or want the item, if you do that's fine but if its an impulse buy... could you save the money instead? It all adds up! If you regularly buy a meal deal or alcohol or a takeaway coffee why not try adding the money you would spend in a jar for one month and go without, you might surprised just how much is in that jar at the end of the month.

Utilise loyalty cards and store saving schemes 

We have all heard of store cards and loyalty cards, schemes such as the Tesco Clubcard or Morrisons Match & More card. All of these allow you to accumulate points as you do your normal shop meaning it costs nothing to have one or take part!

Whilst it may seem like a small amount each time you shop these points soon add up and lets face it, its money back for doing a shop you would have done anyway! Some schemes even allow you to swap the points you earn for experiences, trips and even holidays. Tesco even let you triple up your points for lots of different places, last year alone we managed to use £50 worth of points we had accumulated and traded them in for a £150 Butlins voucher! So if you regularly shop its worth checking online to see if any of the stores you visit have a loyalty card or reward scheme to sign up too!

Some supermarkets also offering a "saving scheme" where you can collect saving stamps (which are usually £1 each) throughout the year. This means come Christmas time (or whenever you choose to spend them) you have a nice little amount to spend on a big sop or gifts. Whilst this isn't "saving" you money as such you don't really notice a £1 or 2 coming out once a week but will really appreciate the lump sum at the end.

Check is you are owed money or have been mis sold products

Whilst this isn't technically a way to "save" money it is something we should all consider checking if you have ever financed a product, taken out help or insurance or feel you have been mis sold something. Many people could be owed thousands of pounds and there are plenty of free to use forms and websites online that can help you check to see if you could be eligible. 

If you have paid into a pension scheme you could also check to see if you might have been mis sold SIPP too. The same applies to lots of different insurance policies and even bank accounts. Martin Lewis also offers lots of advice about this on his website. 

Transfer debt and don't be afraid to ask about payment plans

Lots of us have debt for many different reasons, perhaps you were without a job or had a large unexpected bill that meant you ended up with debt you hadn't planned for. That doesn't mean you have to stick with high interest rates or get into more debt trying to pay it off though.

If you are struggling to pay the first thing to do is contact the provider, many people often avoid doing this assuming that these places won't help. However more often than not they have plans in place for situations just like this and can help you find a plan that works for everyone.

If that isn't an option however, or you have lots of smaller debts which you are struggling with,  there is always the option to consolidate these into one easier to make payment plan. This means you won't have lots of different payments coming out throughout the month and can often make the payment a smaller amount over a slightly longer time making it much more manageable. If you do this make sure you shop around too as you can get some great deals when it comes to APR some evening offering 0% for a set period of time.

Always check you are on the best deal (and don't forget cashback sites too!)

Bill such as gas  electricity etc are bills we have to pay but that doesn't mean you have to be paying over the odd's for them and changing your provider can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to save money. There are lots of comparison sites that now allow you to fill out a quick and easy form and check you are on the best plan, these are free to use and don't forget to check every year at least.

When checking utility bills or even things such as mobile phone deals etc don't forget to check cashback sites too. These often offer great swap incentives when you switch provider which can mean even more cash in your pocket just for switching to a better deal!

And my final bit of advice would be plan, plan, plan! From writing a shopping list or pre-booking your home delivery slot to ensure you stay on track of you weekly, to having a savings pot for rainy days. Planning means you are less likely to end up in a tricky or unexpected situation and can really help you start saving more money on a daily basis.

What are your top tips for saving money? I would love to hear them in the comments below!


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  1. Great tips especially for the climate we are living in at the moment, it is always worth checking to see how you can save money each week or month

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  5. I have done really well using cashback sites in recent years, although I have noticed a lot of companies are not using them due to the current situation

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