Friday 13 November 2020

Lite Brite from Basic Fun **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

There is something so nostalgic about seeing toys that remind you of toys from your childhood and then getting to share them with your own children isn't there? Last week I introduced Evelyn to Care Bears which were a definite blast from the past and this week I got to show her the awesome Lite Brite! 

Some of you will remember the classic peg art activity where you could great a picture using coloured pegs on a black board. Well Basic Fun have brought back this classic and I love that they have kept it as classic as possible, it is definitely taking me back to my childhood! 

Apparently the Lite Bright was first created in the 1960's, however I am a 90's child and vividly remember playing with one of these at my nans at the time which just goes to prove how popular this toy really is. Its a classic activity that never really ages or gets old and that is why I was so excited to share it with my own kids. 

The Lite Brite set comes with one Lite Brite board (this requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included), around 200 colourful pegs in a variety of colours including blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and clear. There are also 6 different templates to get you started which help map out where to place the pegs to create a certain picture such as a boat or a mountain scene. The light on the board has four different settings including blinking, pulsing, steady and random for ultimate effect and to really bring pictures to life.#

As well as being lots of fun the Lite Brite helps to Inspire creativity and imaginations as well as helping to develop fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination! as well as aiding cognitive development. So not only is the Lite Brite a great activity but it is also an educational toy too that can help to develop many important skills. 

We all had great fun using the Lite Brite and it took me straight back to my own childhood. It kept the kids occupied away from their screens (yay!) for ages and they loved creating their own designs and writing out their own names once they had tried out a few of the templates. The Lite Brite is also idea for taking along with you on your travels or for camping/caravan breaks too as it just requires 3 batteries and no plug etc, you just might need to find a secure container for all the pegs! 

Evelyn is only 6 but quickly got the hang of this activity and we really liked that thanks to a almost rubbery kind of backing behind the holes on the board, it holds the pins in once they are in place. Evelyn often gets frustrated with other bead or peg type activities when the pegs or beads fall off so this was a big winner for her and a great feature too. James is a little older and loved creating various signs or pictures (from video game characters of course!) and he said it was like having his own little neon sign that he could change when he wanted. He wants one of his own to have in his bedroom so I am sure we will have to get another board for him to have of his own. 

If I had one niggle with the Lite Brite it would be that I would love to have more pegs included in the set. There were a few designs the kids wanted to create but they ran out of a certain colour etc so more pegs would be great. We did discover though that you can purchase a refill pack separately which contains 100 pegs as well as some extra templates too. 

However, both James (aged 11) and Evelyn (aged 6) loved this activity which just totally reinforces how it is perfect for all ages. They had loads of fun following the templates and making up their own designs and then bringing them to life with the lights. The Lite Brite is currently available from Smyths and is priced at £19.99, it is for children aged 4+ due to the small pegs.

Do you remember having a Lite Brite or is it an activity you think your kids would enjoy? 


**We received the Lite Brite for the purpose of this review, however all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.** 

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