Tuesday 19 October 2021

InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls Doll **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

Two of Evelyn's favourite things at the moment have got to be her dolls and surprise toys, like many other kids, I am sure. So, when we heard about the all new InstaGlam Glo-Up Dolls from Character toys that combine both of those things I knew instantly they would be a big hit. Containing a doll that also comes with 25+ surprises the unboxing is just as much fun as the playing, and there are four dolls to collect! 

The InstaGlam Glo-Up dolls are eye catching even from the shop shelves, with their shimmering and glam packaging they give a feel for what to expect from these fun fashionable dolls. With four dolls to collect I like that you are able to see which doll you are choosing within the box to avoid any duplicates. You can also take a peek at the 25 surprises too as the side of the box opens up via a small Velcro flap to reveal the surprises down the side of the box. 

Unboxing the doll will require some adult supervision for children as there are several ties that will need cutting to release the doll, however unboxing the accessories and surprises are much easier as they just pop out of the plastic. Evelyn really liked that the clothes came in small reusable boxes that she can use when playing so that was a nice touch. 

There are four dolls to collect in total (Sadie, Tiffany, Erin and Kenzie) with each doll having a different look, style and personality (I know Evelyn will definitely want to collect them all!). We chose Sadie for this review as Evelyn absolutely loved her colourful hair and unicorn pjs and mask. 

Sadie has beautifully soft colourful hair in mixed shades of pink, blue and purple which is style in bunches with some small braids to the front. Sadie arrives wearing cute shorts and long sleeved top pjs with colours that match her hair and completed with a stylish unicorn eye mask for a perfectly peaceful night's sleep. One of the unique selling points of the InstaGlam Glo-Up dolls is the "makeover" aspect which Evelyn was very excited about. 

This is where the surprises come in and the first surprise to open is face masks, one for your child and one for the doll, who doesn't love some matching pamper time! 

To activate the facemasks, you simply place the white round tablet found in package one of the surprises into warm water and see them expand and turn into face masks in front of you. Evelyn absolutely loved this part and we even managed to dry out the dolls facemask to use again during play so it was great it could be reused afterwards. 

Next up was a fizzy dissolving brick, which once again needed to be placed into water. Placing it into water made it fizz a little and dissolve to reveal a gold and white brush. This brush is then used to brush across the dolls face to reveal their "glow up". Now I loved the idea of this (and Evelyn had great fun) but I have to say I was a little disappointed as the change was very minimal, in fact we weren't even sure if anything had really changed until we looked at the photos. 

On looking closer we could tell that our dolls face had become brighter with a hint of blush now visible on her cheeks. Her eyebrows and eye shadow also seemed brighter and more defined. It is worth noting also that this is a one-time thing so once this has been revealed it cannot be done again. 

The rest of the surprises were all accessories for our Sadie doll and Evelyn was excited to get her out of the pj's and ready to party. The surprises included a make-up bag, complete with eye shadow palette, a backpack, clear boots, pom pom earrings and a beautiful party dress complete with white heart detailed belt. 

The new outfit definitely gave our Sadie doll a "Glo-Up" glam makeover, but the dress and belt were quite fiddly to put on as the dress features a fine mesh which kept getting caught on the hands of our doll. To avoid holes or breakages I actually discovered you can carefully pop off the doll's hands at the wrist, slip on the sleeves of the dress and pop them back on. Of course, this is always a risk so if you do choose to do this, be careful, but it certainly made getting the doll dressed much easier. 

With so many accessories and two complete outfits, the InstaGlam Glo-Up girls provide hours of fun and enjoyment with lots of play opportunities. We also really liked that the Glo-Up dolls have lots of moveable parts to make play even easier. This includes her head that can turn a complete 360 degrees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles that are all ball joints and so can be moved around easily and her hips are also movable allowing her to sit down or stand up. 

So, what did we think? Well Evelyn absolutely loves Sadie and has already added the other dolls to her Christmas list! She feels like really good quality, and we love the quirky features such as the fun hair colour, clear boots and unicorn mask. For me as a parent personally I would have liked to have seen a little more difference when doing the "makeover" part of the transition but otherwise I really like these dolls too. 

The InstaGlam Glo-Up dolls are loads of fun and I am sure will be on lots of Christmas lists this year too. They are priced at around £24.99 per doll and can be found at many toy stores including Smyths



  1. I have not heard of these dolls before I do love the matching fafce masks how cute are they. This is definitely going to be a hit my daughter would have loved this when she was younger

  2. These dolls sound fab and I could see Olivia really liking the range - might have to pop them on the Christmas list!

  3. That sounds like a lovely doll for little ones. I love that she comes with a range of accessories.

  4. I think my niece would absolutely love this, at 7 years old she is quite in to using sheet masks and also products for her dolls too x

  5. I like that the doll is so interactive. The face mask is such a great idea! Shame about the make-up being revealed only once. I would pick up the same doll, based on the unicorn pj, haha.

  6. What a fabulous doll and this would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present as well. I do love that it comes with the masks and accessories.

  7. Oh wow this dolls looks so good and I know the girls would absolutely love one of these , especially for Xmas!

  8. This is such amazing value, I wish my daughter was more girly and would play with this!