Wednesday 4 October 2023

Ideas for Your Next Stress-Free Family Holiday

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It feels like just yesterday when the children went back to school, and if you are anything like us you are finally starting to find a morning routine and getting used to the school run and nagging about homework deadlines. But believe it or not, another holiday is always just around the corner, the October Half Term! If you want to know what to do when the kids are next off, keep reading as this post has some ideas for you.

School holidays are often a good opportunity to catch up with family, perhaps to go and stay with someone for a week or so or visit friends. But this is also the only real time that you’ll be able to go on a family holiday since going outside of school holidays puts you at risk of a hefty fine! If you felt a cold sweat at the words “family holiday”, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. While holidays are meant to be relaxing, enjoyable affairs, more often than not, they cause more stress than they resolve. But does life have to be this way? Or is there an easier way to travel?

Here are some travel ideas that might take the stress (and maybe some of the cost) out of your next family holiday.

Go Camping

Okay, camping probably isn’t your idea of a relaxing holiday, but it doesn’t have to be a busy, stressful experience. Camping is actually a great way to have a cheap, low-stress holiday for as short or as long a time as you’d like. You can camp for just a couple of nights or a weekend, which means that your kids get the experience of a holiday without having to travel for miles to get there.

Yes, camping is generally better on finer days, so maybe it’s a bit late in the season to consider it. But Autumn camping can be a lot of fun, as long as it manages not to rain and you’re able to light a campfire. 

While camping is a lighter holiday, it still pays to pack accordingly so you’re fully prepared. This is especially true for the colder wetter months as it can be much harder to get things dry! Also ensure you take plenty of warm layers as it can get VERY cold at night.

Consider a Cruise

If you’re struggling to decide where to go on holiday, a cruise might be the perfect option for you. Many cruise ships offer a relaxing, luxuriant experience for parents, while also providing swimming pools, entertainment, and games for children. Just make sure that the cruise you find is fully equipped for children, as some might not be as interesting for your kids or more catered to adults.

Choosing a cruise also means you can then explore plenty of different places during the day when the cruise ship is docked, there is usually somewhere for everyone in the family. But you also don’t have to worry about finding places to eat and sleep, or activities to do as that is all included in your cruise.

Use a Travel Group

The words “all-inclusive” can be music to a stressed parent’s ears. By using a travel group, such as the TUI Group or TUI BLUE, you can have most of your holiday planned for you, while also saving money. So, what is TUI BLUE? In short, it’s a holiday brand that tries to create holiday experiences that will suit your family down to the tee. 

By using a travel group you can also book lots of your excursions and activities in advance so if there is something you really want to see or do such as visit a specific water park or maybe even take a helicopter ride you can book ahead to ensure this happens during your break. You can read a complete guide here.

By using a holiday brand like this, you can rest assured that you and your family will have a holiday that they’re sure to enjoy. A travel group holiday isn’t for everyone, but it can definitely take a lot of the stress out of planning and arranging a busy family holiday. After all, you deserve a break so why not let someone else handle all the stressful parts of holiday planning for you!

What are your plans for the upcoming school holidays and how do you keep everyone happy during the holidays? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below. 


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