Monday, 23 February 2015

Fisher-Price Space saver Jumperoo **REVIEW**

If you have a young baby then I am sure you have heard about or seen the Jumperoo. You will have also noticed that they take up quite a lot of space, which if you don't have an abundance of space or your living space is already taken up by little people toys this can be a little off putting.

However Fisher-Price have listened to parents concerns and have come up with a solution... The SpaceSaver Jumperoo! 

The SpaceSaver Jumperoo has most of the same features as the original Jumperoo such as the lights, sounds and toys but it folds down so that it can be placed away when not in use. 

The SpaceSave Jumeproo features - 

• Rewards baby’s jumping with lights, sounds and music!
• Lets baby jump safely—no doorway required
• Light-up musical piano
• Soft-sided overhead toy bar with monkey roller ball and two rainforest friends spinners
• Bobble frog teether, clacker ring bar, turtle clicker
• Jumping and hands-on activity toy play encourage development of baby’s motor skills
• Sounds, music, textures and a teether help stimulate baby’s senses

The space saver Jumperoo is easy to put together it requires no tools and I managed to put it all together myself in around 10 minutes. The pieces just simple click together. 

The seat cover is easily removed and machine washable which is great as we all know babies are prone to getting dirty! The rest of the Jumperoo is easily wipe clean and the lights and sounds piano can also be removed for easy cleaning. 

We did find that as the front of the Jumperoo is fixed it wasn't quite as bouncy as the original Jumperoo and it meant baby could only jump up and down rather than the full range or movement available in the original Jumperoo. However Evelyn still seemed to thoroughly enjoy it and really liked the fact when she bounced it set of the lights and music on the little piano at the front.
Although Evelyn did find it a little frustrating that she is yet unable to reach the large toy bar at the front.

The SpaceSaver Jumperoo is easy to fold down (although it was a little stiff to begin with) and simply requires you to push in 3 "buttons" 2 at the front and 1 at the back and it folds in on itself. I did find that although it was much more compact and easy to store it didn't fold completely flat as the bar at the back is curved. It was still easy enough to store behind the sofa or in a large cupboard though.

The Jumperoo is designed to grow with baby. It has 4 height levels which are easily adjusted at the back the Jumperoo. Evelyn is tall and almost 9 months old and we have just moved her on to level 3 which will last her a while so the Jumperoo is definitely a toy that will last. 

The Jumperoo can be used from once baby can hold there own head up comfortable up until 25lbs. Considering this although the price tag of around £80 may seem high when you consider how long the Jumperoo will last it is quite a fair price. 

Overall we liked the SpaceSaver Jumperoo. I think it would be a great investment for a family who perhaps don't have the space for the original Jumperoo but still want the same type of toy. There a are a few niggly problems such as it not being as bouncy and the toy bar being a little difficult to reach but these are minor issues and certainly not anything that stopped Evelyn thoroughly enjoying her Jumperoo as I am sure she will for many more months!

You can find out more about the SpaceSaver Jumperoo on the Fisher-Price website here -


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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Moodles applique tops **REVIEW**

We recently received some really funky t-shirts in the post for James and Evelyn from the lovely Moodle's. We love to support local business's and that is just what Moodles is as they are based in Bristol just a short car journey for us!

Moodles is a small business which began in 2011 with a focus on providing high-quality hand-made gifts.  The inspiration was in the cherry-picked fabric designs which were used to create unique products, including personalised t-shirts, hoodies and baby blankets.  From the outset Moodle's sourced t-shirts and babygrow's which were made in England - ensuring a high-quality, unique and local product which was not mass-produced overseas.

James top is made from 100% cotton and feels very thick, soft and warm. The hero mask is appliqued in the Moodles store and each mask is unique! The sizes do seem to be very generous, James usually wears a 6-7 top this is a 5-6 and fits him really well so as suggested on the website if in doubt or in between sizes definitely order a size down. These are available in sizes 3-6 months all the way up to 5-6 years and are priced at £12.50.

Evelyn's top is also made from 100% cotton and was also very warm and soft. I really liked the fact in wasn't in typically "girly colours" and the sky blue of the top really set of the brown and pale pinks, greens and blues in the flower that had been appliqued on store in to the top. Also priced at £12.50 and available is sizes 3-6 months right up to 5-6 years. 

Both of the tops we received washed very well, both remained soft after washing and neither shrunk or stretched and remained true to there size. The colours also stayed vibrant and the applique still looks as good as new.  

The delivery from Moodles in fantastic. Our tops arrived very quickly packed beautifully in red tissue paper and topped with a cute cherry sticker. Moodles aim to deliver your products as quickly as possible. If they do not have the item in stock they aim to have your product made within 2 days and will even email you to inform you when you item is ready to collect or being posted!

Moodles don't just sell tops they have a wide range of baby and childrens clothing plus accesories and lots of products that would make fantastic gifts! Why not pop over to the website and check out all the great products they have on offer here -

Moodles are always updating their stock and you can always stay up to date with all the latest news and products via the facebook page here -

Sarah, the lovely lady behind Moodles is hopefully planning on hold work shops during the morning in her store in Bristol for new mums. Where you can design your own babygrow /baby blanket/bib/bunting and the idea is that you choose your fabrics from the Moodles extensive stash, then draw and cut out the design, iron it in place, then come back and collect it the following week when Sarah has stitched it for you. Tea and cake will also be included! Does that sound like something you would be interested in? 

Have you checked out the website yet? Whats your favourite product from there?


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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Knitting and Crochet.... What are your hobbies?

I have always had a bit of a love for knitting ever since my Nan taught me when I was a young girl (probably around 7). 
The first thing we ever made was a nativity set. Well actually she made the whole nativity scene and my contribution was a (very wonky) sheep lol but I still loved that we had made it together and I still have it wrapped up safely in a shoe box in a cupboard, It gets brought out at Christmas and put out of reach so little fingers can't touch but we can all look and admire it! 

I loved the fact that you can start with a simple ball of yarn and a set of knitting needles and the possibilities of what you could make are endless. As I entered my teens I forgot all about knitting and didn't even own a st of knitting needles! But when I found out I was pregnant with my first little boy James at just 18 I had this urge to start again. My Nan had sadly passed away years before and so I had to almost teach myself again all by myself. It was a little like riding a bike though and after a few you tube video tutorials I was away. 

The first thing I made was a simple white striped car seat blanket for James and I was super proud that everything my Nan had spent hours teaching me was all flooding back. 
I also made a few blankets, hats and mittens for friends who were expecting or who had recently had babies and it felt great. The only thing I do find with knitting was that it is very time consuming and as I am not exactly the fastest it would take me at least a few weeks to get a decent sized blanket. 

Then I discovered Crochet!! 

I had come across a few patterns on the internet and decided I would like to give it a go. I ordered myself a set of cheap crochet hooks from amazon, I didn't want to spend loads of money in case I didn't get on with it. 

The first thing I made was a blanket again and I was shocked at just how quickly I could make it. It was really rewarding to see it growing so quickly and spurred me on to keep going to see the end result. 

After my success with the blankets I attempted some owls using a pattern I had found online and even I thought they were pretty cute. I was soon crocheting little booties, more complex blankets and all sorts of shapes and objects. 

I have found crocheting (and knitting occasionally) really therapeutic. I am by no means excellent at it but gives me something constructive to do in the evenings once the kids are in bed rather than twiddling my thumbs. It has also kept my hands busy and therefore stopped me snacking in the evenings when I was most likely to do so (probably out of boredom!) Its a win win for me. 

Do you have any hobbies you enjoy? Please do share with us below! 


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Half term fun - Using up old wallpaper.

This week I have been searching for ideas to keep James entertained as he is home all week for half term. 

We were stuck indoors today thanks to some pretty heavy rain and no car to venture anywhere. So I had a rummage round and found some old half used rolls of wallpaper from when we decorated our living room. 

I simply got out a selection of pains, pens, pencils, stamps and glitter pens and placed them on the floor.

I then unrolled a part of the wall paper but so it was plain side up and tah-dah a massive plain space for your little artists to let their imaginations run wild! 

James absolutely loved it and had great fun painting all of his favourite super heroes on it and then creating a trail of "foot prints" on another part of the paper. It kept him happy for ages and it cost next to nothing! So if you have some old part rolls of wall paper laying around then this is a fab fun way to use them up. 

Here is part of James masterpiece

Do you have any low cost ideas to keep children entertained? Please do share with us below!


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wayfair - Lily Cot bed **REVIEW**

I really cannot believe how quickly Evelyn is growing!

We recently reached another new big step as she is growing and that was moving her in to a cot. She had most definitely out grown her swinging crib and spent a short time in her travel cot as we sorted out her moving in to her own room.

The cot Evelyn moved in to is this one ( Obaby Lily Cot bed in Country Pine).

The cot bed is a lovely rich pine colour and is really sturdy and well made. It came packaged well and once taken out of the (well padded) box it was pretty simply to put together. It does require 2 people more for just holding the parts in place rather than it being difficult. The instructions were clear and as the holes for the screws were in a place it was simply a case of popping the correct screws in the correct holes and it was done. It took 2 of us (myself and my husband) around 20 minutes to assemble!

This cot does not come with a mattress so this would need to be brought separately (you can also buy these at so you could order it at the same time if you wanted). However it is priced at just £107.99 (price correct at time of posting this) so a very reasonable price. 

The Obaby Lily cot bed measurements are 75cm Height x 125cm Width x 17cm Depth so a really good size. It also fits a standard size mattresss ( 120cm by 60cm) so it is relatively easy to purchase one that fits and means there are plenty of choices. 

The Obaby Lily cot is a traditional style cot which is suitable from birth and has 3 height settings that are quickly and easily adjusted as baby grows. 

We absolutely love the Lily cot bed. It is a good quality sturdy bed for our little girl and has a lovely smooth varnished finish with teething rails fitted to both sides ensuring the cot doesn't get damaged if baby does decide to take a nibble. I can tell just by the look and feel of this cot just how well made and durable it is going to be. 

Wayfair don't just sell cots! They are the place to go for all your furnishing needs indoors and out. Why not pop over and check out all the great items they have to offer via the website here -
You can also stay up to date on all the latest news, products and offers via their facebook page here -


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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pancake Day!

Today is pancake day!

So the 4 of us took to the kitchen armed with our pancake mixture, lots of toppings and our frying pan to make some of our own. We chose a variety of toppings including the classic sugar and lemon, golden syrup and Nutella to top ours (of course the kids chose Nutella lol).

The pancake flipping got big smiles from both James and Evelyn and we all really enjoyed them!

What do you like to top your pancakes with?


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Konfidence Baby and Children's swimwear **REVIEW**

Swimming is always a big hit in our house! James and Evelyn were water babies from the get go and still love swimming now. 
We go swimming as a family every weekend, James also attends a weekly lesson at out local leisure centre and I take Evelyn just me and her once a week whilst James is at school so yea we do a lot of swimming!

When the lovely people at Konfidence offered us some of their baby swimming products to try for Evelyn we knew they were most definitely something we could put to the test.

The first product we tried was the Babywarma Baby Wetsuit (we chose the Strawberry design.)
These are available is sizes 0-24 months and are made from 2mm thick neoprene. The Babywarma Baby Wetsuit helps keep your baby warmer in the swimming pool for much longer than would be possible without it. The neoprene also provides a higher grip surface for parents when carrying baby around poolside / changing rooms as compared to bare skin.  When worn outdoors it is also 100% UV protective, and features clever design techniques that ensure a snug, “huggable” fit, for maximum safety, comfort and performance. It also opens flat to allow quick nappy changes.

We love the Babywarma Baby Wet suit! I really liked the face it had no long arms or legs so Evelyn could splash and move about freely. The velcro openings on the top, side and bottom mean you can completely open up the wet suit and lay baby on top and then fold it back over and fasten meaning it is really simple and easy to do. We also loved the quirky strawberry design and there are several other designs to choose from too including polka dot and clown fish. 
Priced at just £18.99 I feel these offer excellent value for money. They kept Evelyn warm during a whole hours swim. It was easy to wash and kept all its colour and design even after several swimming trips and washes. It is most definitely something we will continue to use when we go swimming. 

We also tried out two different types of reusable swimming nappies that Konfidence have to offer. 

The first one we tried was the Konfidence AquaNappy (We tried the Pink Hibiscus design).

 The AquaNappy Incorporates a triple layer design which comprises of a soft polyester outer layer, recycled PVC middle barrier layer, and soft inner mesh layer. This reusable and eco-friendly swim nappy is made doubly secure with an adjustable Velcro sash and poppers, allowing it to be sized up from 3 months to around 30 months in age. With The AquaNappy that's all you need! There is no need for disposable swim nappy underneath its just all in one. These have also been tested and endorsed by swim schools since there launch 10 years ago. 

The Aqua Nappy is priced at just £9.99 which is a fantastic price for a swim nappy that due to its adjust-ability will fit a child all the way from 3 months up to 30 months (now that's potentially a lot of swimming!). We really liked the AquaNappy and found it fit really well and looked comfy for Evelyn. These are available in 9 funky designs so there is sure to be one to suit your baby. 

The second swim nappy we tried was the NeoNappy (We tried the Strawberry design).

The NeoNappy features a soft and supple neoprene shell and high quality nylon lycra waist and leg hems. The NeoNappy works because the neoprene shell provides a soft and flexible but most importantly impermeable barrier to keep little accidents inside. The Lycra waist and legs hems form a seal around little legs and waist and help to keep what’s inside, inside!
The NeoNappy is priced £8.49 and is a really useful purchase especially if your little ones are or you are planning on them doing swimming lessons. If you are wanting to be extra cautious the NeoNappy can actually be paired with the AquaNappy featured above for double layer protection (the NeoNappy would go on the top of the AquaNappy). I will most definitely be using ours once Evelyn starts proper swimming lessons like her brother. 
Overall we LOVE Konfidence Baby swimwear. They offer stylish, well made yet affordable swimwear for babies and children that is really made to last. Why not pop over and check out all they have to offer via there website here -
Do your children enjoy swimming or perhaps attend swimming lessons? 
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Slumbersac sleeping bag **REVIEW**

Evelyn is a complete wriggler when it comes to bed time. You can put her to bed all nice and tucked in but come morning you can guarantee she will be facing a different way, blankets off and cold, usually resulting in several night awakenings to pop her blankets back on. For this very reason we have used a sleeping bag since Evelyn was a little baby. 

We recently received a new sleeping bag to try from the lovely people at Slumbersac and we were thrilled to discover it came in an OWL design!

We received the Simply baby sleeping bag in the owl design with a lovely turquoise edging and it was lovely. The design is completely unisex and features cute owls in a range of pastel colours all over the bag. You can also personalise the sleeping bag with your child's name if you wish (at an extra cost).

The simply baby sleeping bag range comes in 4 sizes and 3 tog ratings so you can choose a combination that suits your child best. The sizes available are 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 12-36 months and 3-6 years. The tog ratings available are 1, 2.5 and 3.5 so a good variety depending on the time of year. 

We chose the 6-18 month bag as Evelyn is now 8 months old and this seemed to be a really good fit. The bag was secure enough that we didn't have to worry about her being able to wiggle free but still offered plenty of growing room in both width and length. We also chose the 2.5 tog rating as our house can be quite warm so I think the 3.5 may have been slightly to warm, however if your house is prone to getting chilly then this would be perfect for you. 

The simply baby sleeping bags are made of soft 100% jersey cotton and are lined with 100% cotton. The filling is made of soft polyester fleece, which prevents allergies and limits movement of the material inside the bag to stop it getting bumpy and uneven and losing shape. 

Simply baby sleeping bags are very reasonable priced ranging from £9.00 up to £19.00 depending on the size and tog you choose. These seem like really reasonably prices for such lovely soft sleeping bags.

Using a sleeping bag has most certainly helped Evelyn sleep better at night as it prevents her from kicking off her covers and getting cold. She also seems to like the snug feeling of being inside the bag so if you are having a few issues with sleeping and baby waking then I would highly recommend trying out a sleeping bag. 

Slumbersac have lots of different ranges of sleeping bags, In fact they have such a huge variety of sleeping bags to choose from including ones with feet, sleeves and even luxurious duck down sleeping bags. Why not pop over to the website and check them out here -

Do you use a sleeping bag with your baby or child? 


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Monday, 9 February 2015

Easy Sewing - Creating a cushion using a sewing kit.

It seems every other person I know has re-discovered the needle and thread or removed the dust cover from their sewing machine, and I am no exception. Have you been hooked by the Great British Sewing Bee?  But feel you are lacking the confidence or the skills. Then a sewing project kit is a good place to start.

Benefits of creating a Sewing Project using a Kit
  • ·      Gives you your sewing confidence backs.
  • ·      Fabric pieces already measured and cut out.
  • ·      Majority of materials will be included.
  • ·      Assembly instructions with easy to follow diagrams.  

My Caroline Alice patchwork cushion sewing project
Included : fabric pieces, needle, full instructions including diagrams. Not included pins, thread and a needle.
I followed the simple instructions and used a sewing machine, but you could easily sew by hand.
Stage 1 Pin and sew the separate patchwork squares in rows of three.
Stage 2 Pin and sew the three rows of patchwork together to form the front of the cushion
Stage 3 Pin and sew the two rear panels of fabric to the front
Stage 4 Insert you cushion through the overlapping fabric to create a pretty no zip patchwork cushion.
Ta-dah! All finished and just waiting for a cushion. You have to agree the liberty print on this fabric is rather gorgeous and what a vibrant colour  This kit has given me the confidence and template to now create my own cushions measuring and cutting out my own fabric.
Todays posts is a guest post is from the lovely Angela from here is a little about Angela and her blog -
 "I'm Angela and I blog at Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me. Sharing my love of baking and favourite recipes, gardening, sewing and an insight into living in the county of Shropshire. I am keen to share great days and out and places to visit, particularly those with a heritage slant to them.”
So please do pop over and say Hello to Angela too. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Wishing Time Away.

When I look back through time I have recently realised I have been wishing my time away far to soon especially when it comes to my babies!

Whilst I was pregnant with both my babies I wished for time to speed up so that the morning sickness would go and I could finally meet by tiny baby. I wished every single month away wishing it was time to meet my baby. I was just so impatient to meet each one of them.

When my baby was finally born I wished time again all to soon again. It was the chase of the milestones we all seem too eager for our babies to meet. That first try of food, the first tooth to come through. Before you know it we are wishing the tiny babies from our arms to get down and crawl and then to walk.

It was then I realised I had wished my time away. The time in nursery seemed to zoom by and before I knew it this little baby I had welcomed into the world was heading in to the big world of school.

Its so easy to wish time away but looking back now it has made me realise I don't want time to zoom by, those milestones can wait and so can walking! I am going to sit back and enjoy every moment of playing Lego with my son and enjoying those cuddles from my little girl before she is to busy playing with her friends to give them to me.

So for now time you can slow right down, growing up can wait for my babies for now im enjoying their company, cuddles and love!


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Peppa Pig Grandpa Pigs Holiday Boat **REVIEW**

You may have recently seen the advertisement for the new "Holiday" range of Peppa Pig toys that are out now. If not you can watch it below -

We were very lucky to recently receive a Grandpa pig boat to try out from the new range and James was so excited to try it out. 

The holiday boat has all the usual fun characters included including Peppa pig, George pig and Grandpa pig. The characters are dressed in their usual brightly coloured clothing and the large chunky bodies are perfect for little hands to grab hold of. The arms are quite small and look a little flimsy however they have stood up to all the playing til now so seem to be doing well. 

Each character sits on its own molded circular base which is perfect for little ones as it means they are easy to stand up. The boat also features pre-placed circular holes for the characters to easily slot in to so they stay in place aboard the boat. 

The boat is all one piece which I love because if your house is anything like ours anything with pieces ends up with missing pieces after a few uses (usually to be found under the sofa months later!). The brightly coloured chunky boat can be played with on the floor but it can also be used in the bath! 

Grandpa pigs boat was great fun for using with imaginative play. We spoke about the types of holiday Peppa and her her family would be going on in the boat and what the sea would be like and then recreated the choppy sea in the bath. I love toys that spark imagination in children and this seems to be one of those toys. 

Priced at £19.99 I think that's a fantastic price for a Peppa pig toy that can be used in and out of the bath. 

You can find out more about the whole Peppa Pig holiday range by visiting Character toys here -

Which item out of the new holiday range do you think your children would most like? 


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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lavina Lily Soy Candle **REVIEW**

I have to admit I am a sucker for a candle! I love lighting a candle of an evening and letting the house fill with the smell of whichever candle I have lit. There is just something that seems to make it feel a little more cosy when there is a candle or 2 burning on the side too.

When I was recently sent a candle from Lavina Lily I was so excited to open it up and discover the scent!
We received the Tunisian Neroli and Rose candle and as soon as I open the box the beautiful aroma hit me and I could smell the Rose instantly. The candle is presented in a quaint white box and inside the candle is presented in beautiful clear glass container with chrome lid. The candle has not 1 but 2 wicks inside and gives of a lovely glow when lit. The aroma from the candle is not overpowering at all and fills the room with very little burning time, We had ours burning for around an hour and the whole house (including the upstairs!) was filled with the beautiful aroma.

Abby the lovely lady behind Lavina Lily is a full time mummy of 3 boys who started making soy candles part time when her boys were at home which started to do well and grow, But she is now trying to make her beautiful candles and diffusers into a full time business.

Here is a little about Lavina Lily and the beautiful candles and home fragrances -

" Here at Lavina Lily we are obsessed with beautiful fragrances for the home and work hard to create scented candles using only the best ingredients possible.
Our candles are all made individually by hand and using the best quality soy wax which is non-toxis and burns cleaner than the paraffin alternatives, Soy wax also gives you a longer lasting burn with a creamier fragrance."

As well as the Tunisian Neroli and Rose scent we received there are many others to chose from on the Lavina Lily website including Strawberry cupcake,Lemon chiffon, Blackberry and Basil, Mimosa and Mandarin and many more. Lavina Lily also offer Fragrance diffusers in many of the same fragrances mentioned above if perhaps candles are not your thing. 
These candles would make fantastic gifts and are priced at £16 each for the large candles I feel this is an extremely good and competitive price in comparison to other luxury candles on the market.

Why not pop over to the Lavina Lily website here - and have a look around at all they have to offer. Don't forget to pop back and let us know which fragrance you like the sound of the most!.


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